Handbook of Parallel Computing : Models, Algorithms and Applications book cover
1st Edition

Handbook of Parallel Computing
Models, Algorithms and Applications

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ISBN 9781584886235
Published December 20, 2007 by Chapman and Hall/CRC
1224 Pages 463 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

The ability of parallel computing to process large data sets and handle time-consuming operations has resulted in unprecedented advances in biological and scientific computing, modeling, and simulations. Exploring these recent developments, the Handbook of Parallel Computing: Models, Algorithms, and Applications provides comprehensive coverage on all aspects of this field.

The first section of the book describes parallel models. It covers evolving computational systems, the decomposable bulk synchronous model, parallel random access machine-on-chip architecture, the parallel disks model, mobile agents, fault-tolerant computing, hierarchical performance modeling, the partitioned optical passive star network, and the reconfigurable mesh model. The subsequent section on parallel algorithms examines networks of workstations, grid and packet scheduling, the derandomization technique, isosurface extraction and rendering, suffix trees, and mobile computing algorithmics. The final part of the text highlights an array of problems and offers ways to combat these challenges.

This volume provides an up-to-date assessment of the models and algorithms involved in applying parallel computing to a variety of fields, from computational biology to wireless networking.

Table of Contents


Evolving Computational Systems; S.G. Akl
Decomposable BSP: A Bandwidth-Latency Model for Parallel and Hierarchical Computation; G. Bilardi, A. Pietracaprina, and G. Pucci
Membrane Systems: A "Natural" Way of Computing with Cells; O.H. Ibarra and A. Paun
Optical Transpose Systems: Models and Algorithms; C.-F. Wang and S. Sahni
Models for Advancing PRAM and Other Algorithms into Parallel Programs for a PRAM-On-Chip Platform; U. Vishkin, G. Caragea, and B. Lee
Deterministic and Randomized Sorting Algorithms for the Parallel Disks Model; S. Rajasekaran
A Programming Model and Architectural Extensions for Fine-Grain Parallelism; A. Gontmakher, A. Mendelson, A. Schuster, and G. Shklover
Computing with Mobile Agents in Distributed Networks; E. Kranakis, D. Krizanc, and S. Rajsbaum
Transitional Issues: Fine-Grain to Coarse-Grain Multicomputers; S. Olariu
Distributed Computing in the Presence of Mobile Faults; N. Santoro and P. Widmayer
A Hierarchical Performance Model for Reconfigurable Computers; R. Scorfano and V.K. Prasanna
Hierarchical Performance Modeling and Analysis of Distributed Software Systems; R.A. Ammar
Randomized Packet Routing, Selection, and Sorting on the POPS Network; J. Davila and S. Rajasekaran
Dynamic Reconfiguration on the R-Mesh; R. Vaidyanathan and J.L. Trahan
Fundamental Algorithms on the Reconfigurable Mesh; K. Nakano
Reconfigurable Computing with Optical Buses; A.G. Bourgeois

Distributed Peer-to-Peer Data Structures; M.T. Goodrich and M.J. Nelson
Parallel Algorithms via the Probabilistic Method; L. Kliemann and A. Srivastav
Broadcasting on Networks of Workstations; S. Khuller, Y.-A. Kim, and Y.-C. Wan
Atomic Selfish Routing in Networks: A Survey; S. Kontogiannis and P. Spirakis
Scheduling in Grid Environments; Y-C. Lee and A.Y. Zomaya
QoS Scheduling in Network and Storage Systems; P.J. Varman and A. Gulati
Optimal Parallel Scheduling Algorithms in WDM Packet Interconnects; Y. Yang
Online Real-Time Scheduling Algorithms for Multiprocessor Systems; M.A. Palis
Parallel Algorithms for Maximal Independent Set and Maximal Matching; Y. Han
Efficient Parallel Graph Algorithms for Shared-Memory Multiprocessors; D.A. Bader and G. Cong
Parallel Algorithms for Volumetric Surface Construction; J. JaJa, Q. Shi, and A. Varshney
Mesh-Based Parallel Algorithms for Ultra-Fast Computer Vision; S. Olariu
Prospectus for a Dense Linear Algebra Software Library; J. Demmel and J. Dongarra
Parallel Algorithms on Strings; W. Rytter
Design of Multithreaded Algorithms for Combinatorial Problems; D.A. Bader, K. Madduri, G. Cong, and J. Feo
Parallel Data Mining Algorithms for Association Rules and Clustering; J. Li, Y. Liu, W.-K. Liao, and A. Choudhary
An Overview of Mobile Computing Algorithmics; S. Olariu and A.Y. Zomaya

Using FG to Reduce the Effect of Latency in Parallel Programs Running on Clusters; T.H. Cormen and E.R. Davidson
High-Performance Techniques for Parallel I/O; A. Ching, K. Coloma, A. Choudhary, and W.-K. Liao
Message Dissemination Using Modern Communication Primitives; T. Gonzalez
Online Computation in Large Networks; S. Albers
Online Call Admission Control in Wireless Cellular Networks; I. Caragiannis, C. Kaklamanis, and E. Papaioannou
Minimum Energy Communication in Ad Hoc Wireless Networks; I. Caragiannis, C. Kaklamanis, and P. Kanellopoulos
Power Aware Mapping of Real-Time Tasks to Multiprocessors; D. Zhu, B.R. Childers, D. Mosse, and R. Melhem
Perspectives on Robust Resource Allocation for Heterogeneous Parallel and Distributed Systems; S. Ali, H.J. Siegel, and A.A. Maciejewski
A Transparent Distributed Runtime for Java; M. Factor, A. Schuster, and K. Shagin
Scalability of Parallel Programs; A. Grama and V. Kumar
Spatial Domain Decomposition Methods in Parallel Scientific Computing; Sudip Seal and Srinivas Aluru
Game Theoretical Solutions for Data Replication in Distributed Computing Systems; S.U. Khan and I. Ahmad
Effectively Managing Data on a Grid; C.L. Ruby and R. Miller
Fast and Scalable Parallel Matrix Multiplication and Its Applications on Distributed Memory Systems; K. Li


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