2nd Edition

Handbook of Physical Testing of Paper, Second Edition,

    1610 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Volume one in this revised and expanded two-volume reference contains basic principles and techniques in paper and paperboard testing, fostering an understanding of theory and mechanical testing parameters to evaluate results and make improvements. It Emphasizes procedures that utilize advanced microscopy equipment and featuring over 1400 references and 1000 equations, drawings, tables, photographs, and micrographs.;Volume two focuses on physical paper testing in the laboratory and online, highlighting assays for paper interactions with light, moisture, electricity, and heat; liquid and gas penetration; microscopy analysis; and paper surface properties. It describes laboratory testing devices, details procedures and features over 1300 references, drawings, equations, tables, photographs, and micrographs that facilitate in-depth investigation of the field.

    "VOLUME 1: Theory and Test for Mechanical Parameters Models for Describing the Elastic, Viscoelastic, and Inelastic Mechanical Behavior of Paper and Board Richard W. Perkins, Jr. Viscoelastic Properties Lennart Salmén and Roger Hagen Dimensional Stability and Environmental Effects on Paper Properties Tetsu Uesaka Moisture-Accelerated Creep Henry W. Haslach, Jr. Bending Stiffness, with Special Reference to Paperboard Christer Fellers and Leif A. Carlsson Ultrasonic Determinations of Paper Stiffness Parameters Charles C. Habeger, Jr. Deformation and Failure Behavior of Paper Curt A. Bronkhorst and Keith A. Bennett Fracture of Paper M. T. Kortschot Edgewise Compression Strength of Paper Christer Fellers and Benjamin C. Donner Residual Stresses in Paper and Board John Frederick Waterhouse Special Situations--Mechanical Properties of Products Corrugated Board Rob Steadman Physical and Mechanical Properties of Towel and Tissue M. K. Ramasubramanian Structural Parameters--Fibers, Bonds, and Paper Fiber Structure Leena Paavilainen Mechanical Properties of Fibers Richard E. Mark Determination of Fiber--Fiber Bond Properties Tetsu Uesaka, Elias Retulainen, Leena Paavilainen, Richard E. Mark, and D. Steven Keller Structure and Structural Anisotropy Tsutomu Naito Index VOLUME 2: Testing in the Laboratory and on the Paper Machine The Paper and Board Testing Laboratory Lucille D. Hahn On-Line Testing of Paper Gary M. Scott Conditioned Test Atmospheres John L. de Yong Appearance and Structure Analysis Optical and Appearance Properties Jens Borch Microscopy Patricia A. Moss and Les Groom Interactions with Liquids and Gases Porosity and Gas Permeability Tatsuo Yamauchi and Koji Murakami Wetting and the Penetration of Liquids into Paper M. Bruce Lyne Electrical and Thermal Interactions Electrical Properties: I. Theory Gary A. Baum Electrical Properties: II. Applications and Measurement Methods Sami Simula Thermal Properties Einar Bøhmer Physical and Surface Properties Characterization of Paper Surfaces Using Optical Profilometry Pia Wågberg and Per-Åke Johansson Paper Friction Ernst L. Back Paper Abrasivity Raymond G. Bayer Testing the Tactile Properties of Tissue and Nonwovens Sueo Kawabata Index"


    R.E. Mark