2nd Edition

Handbook of Physical Testing of Paper Volume 1, Second Edition,

    1052 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Contains basic principles and the latest techniques in paper and paperboard testing. Fosters an understanding of theory and mechanical testing parameters to evaluate results and make improvements. Emphasizes new procedures utilizing advanced microscopy equipment.

    Part 1 Theory and test for mechanical parameters: models for describing the elastic, viscoelastic, and inelastic mechanical behaviour of paper and board; viscoelastic properties; dimensional stability and environmental effects on paper properties; moisture-accelerated creep; bending stiffness, with special reference to paperboard; ultrasonic determinations of paper stiffness parameters; deformation and failure behaviour of paper; fracture of paper; edgewise compression strength of paper; residual stresses in paper and board. Part 2 Special situations - mechanical properties of products: corrugated board; physical and mechanical properties of towel and tissue. Part 3 Structural parameters - fibers, bonds, and paper: fiber structure; mechanical properties of fibers; determination of fiber-fiber bond properties; sheet structure.


    Richard E. Mark, Charles Habeger, Jens Borch, Bruce M. Lyne

    "Praise for the first editions... ...much more than the title suggests--this is knowledge....as close to the state-of-the-art as one can hope to come.... ...The balance between completeness and readability is quite well struck....the most useful results are available right there in the book."
    ---Tappi Journal, 1985