2nd Edition

Handbook of Physical Testing of Paper Volume 2

    560 Pages
    by CRC Press

    This handbook focuses on physical paper testing in the laboratory and online. Divided into five parts, it highlights assays for paper interactions with light, moisture, electricity, and heat. Topics expanded upon include laboratory testing procedures; microscopy analysis and paper surface properties; liquid and gas penetration; electrical and thermal interactions; and methods of surface characterization.

    Part 1 Testing in the laboratory and on the paper machine: the paper and board testing laboratory; online testing of paper; conditioned test atmospheres. Part 2 Appearance and structure analysis: optical and appearance properties; microscopy. Part 3 Interactions with liquids and gases: porosity and gas permeability; wetting and the penetration of liquids into paper. Part 4 Electrical and thermal interactions: electrical properties - theory, applications and measurement methods; thermal properties. Part 5 Physical and surface properties: characterization of paper surfaces using optical profilometry; paper friction; paper abrasivity; testing the tactile and surface properties of tissue and nonwovens.


    Jens Borch, Bruce M. Lyne, Richard E. Mark and Charles Habeger