1st Edition

Handbook of Public Management Practice and Reform

Edited By Kuo-Tsai Liou Copyright 2001

    Outlining the origins, motivations, strategies, implementations, and effectiveness of reform policies and programs, Handbook of Public Management Practice and Reform examines changes and challenges in major areas of public administration, including budgeting, finance, human resources, and organizational management, reviews the lessons of reform, an

    Part 1 Environmental changes and public management: politics, paradox and the ecology of public administration - challenges, choices and opportunities for a new century; global economic changes and public management; society's values and publicmanagement; technology and public management. Part 2 Changes in budgeting and financial management: reforming American government accounting in the 20th century; unfinished agenda in public financial management; changes and administrative reforms in taxand public revenue systems. Part 3 Changes in human resource management: human resource management change in state and local government; changing roles and duties within government's human resources profession - contemporary models and challenges; changesand reforms in public labour-management relations; developmental performance appraisal - feedback, interview and disciplinary techniques. Part 4 Issues in organizational and general management: using strategic planning to manage strategically in thepublic sector; productivity improvement and public management; measuring government performance; ethics and public management. Part 5 Policy issues and public management: win-win public management; privatization policy and public management; economicdevelopment policy and public management; deregulation policy and public management. Part 6 Reform experience and issues: looking back, looking forward - what did reinvention do ; reforming public administration - including citizens; downsizing in thepublic sector - implications for public administration; four models of public sector change; the new public management and reform. Part 7 New ideas and markets in public management: service contracting and alternative service delivery - theory andpractice; the impact of the new public management on nonprofit organizations; public policy and the continuous improvement paradigm - a plea for the total learning community; rumbling doubt about managerial effectiveness and a turn toward discourse; NGOsand grassroots organizations in developing countries. Part 8 Changes and issues in professional education and associations.


    Kuo-Tsai Liou (University of Central Florida, Orlando, USA) (Edited by)