1st Edition

Handbook of Real-Time and Embedded Systems

Edited By Insup Lee, Joseph Y-T. Leung, Sang H. Son Copyright 2008
    798 Pages 280 B/W Illustrations
    by Chapman & Hall

    Real-time and embedded systems are essential to our lives, from controlling car engines and regulating traffic lights to monitoring plane takeoffs and landings to providing up-to-the-minute stock quotes. Bringing together researchers from both academia and industry, the Handbook of Real-Time and Embedded Systems provides comprehensive coverage of the most advanced and timely topics in the field.

    The book focuses on several major areas of real-time and embedded systems. It examines real-time scheduling and resource management issues and explores the programming languages, paradigms, operating systems, and middleware for these systems. The handbook also presents challenges encountered in wireless sensor networks and offers ways to solve these problems. It addresses key matters associated with real-time data services and reviews the formalisms, methods, and tools used in real-time and embedded systems. In addition, the book considers how these systems are applied in various fields, including adaptive cruise control in the automobile industry.

    With its essential material and integration of theory and practice, the Handbook of Real-Time and Embedded Systems facilitates advancements in this area so that the services we rely on can continue to operate successfully.

    Introduction and Overview
    Real-Time Scheduling and Resource Management
    Real-Time Scheduling and Resource Management by Giorgio C. Buttazzo
    Schedulability Analysis of Multiprocessor Sporadic Task Systems by Theodore P. Baker and Sanjoy K. Baruah
    Rate-Based Resource Allocation Methods by Kevin Jeffay
    Compositional Real-Time Schedulability Analysis by Insik Shin and Insup Lee
    Power-Aware Resource Management Techniques for Low-Power Embedded Systems by Jihong Kim and Tajana Simunic Rosing
    Imprecise Computation Model: Total Weighted Error and Maximum Weighted Error by Joseph Y-T. Leung
    Imprecise Computation Model: Bicriteria and Other Related Problems by Joseph Y-T. Leung
    An Exact Stochastic Analysis of Priority-Driven Periodic Real-Time Systems and Its Approximations by José Luis Díaz, Kanghee Kim, José María López, Lucia Lo Bello, Daniel F. García, Chang-Gun Lee, Sang Lyul Min, and Orazio Mirabella
    Programming Languages, Paradigms, and Analysis for Real-Time and Embedded Systems
    Temporal Control in Real-Time Systems: Languages and Systems by Sebastian Fischmeister and Insup Lee
    The Evolution of Real-Time Programming by Christoph M. Kirsch and Raja Sengupta
    Real-Time Java by Andy Wellings and Alan Burns
    Programming Execution-Time Servers and Supporting EDF Scheduling in Ada 2005 by Alan Burns and Andy Wellings
    Synchronous Programming by Paul Caspi, Pascal Raymond, and
    Stavros Tripakis
    Operating Systems and Middleware for Real-Time and Embedded Systems
    QoS-Enabled Component Middleware for Distributed Real-Time and Embedded Systems by Gan Deng, Douglas C. Schmidt, Christopher D. Gill, and Nanbor Wang
    Safe and Structured Use of Interrupts in Real-Time and Embedded Software by John Regehr
    QoS Support and an Analytic Study for USB 1.x/2.0 Devices by Chih-Yuan Huang, Shi-Wu Lo, Tei-Wei Kuo, and Ai-Chun Pang
    Reference Middleware Architecture for Real-Time and Embedded Systems: A Case for Networked Service Robots by Saehwa Kim and Seongsoo Hong
    Real-Time Communications/Sensor Networks
    Online QoS Adaptation with the Flexible Time-Triggered (FTT)
    Communication Paradigm by Luis Almeida, Paulo Pedreiras, Joaquim Ferreira, Mario Calha, José Alberto Fonseca, Ricardo Marau, Valter Silva, and Ernesto Martins
    Wireless Sensor Networks by John A. Stankovic
    Messaging in Sensor Networks: Addressing Wireless Communications and Application Diversity by Hongwei Zhang, Anish Arora, Prasun Sinha, and Loren J. Rittle
    Real-Time Communication for Embedded Wireless Networks by Marco Caccamo and Tarek Abdelzaher
    Programming and Virtualization of Distributed Multitasking Sensor Networks by Azer Bestavros and Michael J. Ocean
    Real-Time Database/Data Services
    Data-Intensive Services for Real-Time Systems by Krithi Ramamritham, Lisa Cingiser DiPippo, and Sang Hyuk Son
    Real-Time Data Distribution by Angela Uvarov Frolov, Lisa Cingiser DiPippo, and Victor Fay-Wolfe
    Temporal Consistency Maintenance for Real-Time Update Transactions by Ming Xiong and Krithi Ramamritham
    Salvaging Resources by Discarding Irreconcilably Conflicting Transactions in Firm Real-Time Database Systems by Victor C.S. Lee, Joseph Kee-Yin Ng, and Ka Man Ho
    Application-Tailored Databases for Real-Time Systems by Aleksandra Tešanović and Järgen Hansson
    DeeDs NG: Architecture, Design, and Sample Application Scenario by Sten F. Andler,Marcus Brohede, Sanny Gustavsson, and Gunnar Mathiason
    Formalisms, Methods, and Tools
    State Space Abstractions for Time Petri Nets by Bernard Berthomieu and François Vernadat
    Process-Algebraic Analysis of Timing and Schedulability Properties by Anna Philippou and Oleg Sokolsky
    Modular Hierarchies of Models for Embedded Systems by Manfred Broy
    Metamodeling Languages and Metaprogrammable Tools by Matthew Emerson, Sandeep Neema, and Janos Sztipanovits
    Hardware/Software Codesign by Wayne Wolf
    Execution Time Analysis for Embedded Real-Time Systems by Andreas Ermedahl and Jakob Engblom
    Experiences with Real-Time and Embedded Systems
    Dynamic QoS Management in Distributed Real-Time Embedded
    Systems by Joseph P. Loyall and Richard E. Schantz
    Embedding Mobility in Multimedia Systems and Applications by Heonshik Shin
    Embedded Systems and Software Technology in the Automotive
    Domain by Manfred Broy
    Real-Time Data Services for Automotive Applications by Gurulingesh Raravi, Krithi Ramamritham, and Neera Sharma


    Insup Lee, Jospeh Y-T Leung, Sang H. Son

    "…The editors and contributors are all respected authorities in the field of real-time and embedded systems and many of them are affiliated to top-class universities and research institutes. … this book would make an excellent study resource or reference book for people who are interested in academic research in this important and growing field."
    Sensor Review, Vol. 30, Issue 1, 2010