1st Edition

Handbook of Research Methods in Health Psychology

Edited By Deborah Ragin, Julian Keenan Copyright 2021
    470 Pages 12 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    470 Pages 12 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    In this comprehensive handbook, Ragin and Keenan present an all-encompassing analysis of the variety of different methods used in health psychology research.

    Featuring interdisciplinary collaborations from leading academics, this meticulously written volume is a guide to conducting cutting-edge research using tested and vetted best practices. It explains important research techniques, why they are selected and how they are conducted. The book critically examines both cutting-edge methods, such as those used in NextGen genetics, nudge theory, and the brain’s vulnerability to addiction, as well as the classic methods, including cortisol measurement, survey, and environmental study. The topics of the book span the gamut of health psychology field, from neuroimaging and statistical analysis to socioeconomic issues such as the policies used to address diseases in Africa, anti-vaxers, and the disproportionate impact of climate change on impoverished people.

    With each section featuring examples of best research practices, recommendations for study samples, accurate use of instrumentation, analytical techniques, and advanced-level data analysis, this book will be an essential text for both emerging student researchers and experts in the field and an indispensable resource in health psychology programs.

    1. Applying Theories in Health Psychology
    2. Deborah Fish Ragin, Yasmin Hussein, Alessia Fichera & Jelani Awai

    3. Statistical Toolbox of Psychology
    4. Michael R. Hulsizer & Linda Woolf

    5. "The Circling Spirits Call us Home;" The Shaman, Marginal Methods, and
    6. Relational Approaches to Healing Research

      Joseph E. Trimble

      Part I- Genetic Studies and Health

    7. Genetics Research Methods
    8. Amel Youssef, Matthew J, Criscione & Julian Paul Keenan

    9. Research Methods in Alcoholism
    10. Maya Crawford, Janet Brenan, Liliia Savilska, Kathleen Chavarria & Julian Keenan

    11. Best Practices for Studying Addiction
    12. Heather Soder, Jessica Hoffman, Constanza de Dios, Troy Webber

    13. Applications of Next-Generation Sequencing in Health Psychology
    14. Matthew Aardema

    15. The Ethics of Genetics Research
    16. Curtis Coughlin, II

      Part II- Physiological Studies and Health

    17. Physiological Research
    18. Matthew J. Criscione, Jordanne Nelson & Julian Keenan

    19. Stress Physiology & Physiometrics
    20. Elana Gloger, Gregory T. Smith & Suzanne C. Segerstrom

    21. Cardiovascular Reactivity & Stress
    22. Chun-Jung Huang, Andy Khamoui, Aaron Slusher, & Brandon G. Fico

    23. Obesity & Nutrition Part II: Physiological Studies
    24. Diana M. Thomas & J. Kenneth Wickiser

    25. Social Networks, Depression & Stress
    26. Rachel Kramer

    27. "Don’t Sweat It!" Neuroimaging Studies of Stress
    28. Ayesha Khan & Sukhvinder Obhi

      Part III- Population Demographics

    29. Neighborhood Studies of Adolescent Health
    30. Deborah Fish Ragin, Yasmin Hussein, Kheyyon Parker & Veronica Julien

    31. Re-evaluating the Social Gradient
    32. Alan Marshall & Valeria Skafida

    33. Chronic Illness- Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
    34. Leonard A. Jason, Joseph Cotler, Shaun Bhatia & Madison Sunnquist

    35. Gender & Aging
    36. Sabihah Moola & Christo P. Cilliers

    37. Socioeconomic Context of Adolescent Health Risk Behaviors:
    38. Life Course Developmental Research Methods

      Tae Kyoung Lee, Catherine Walker O’Neal & Kandauda A. S. Wickrama

      Part IV- Environmental Studies

    39. Unique Environmental Determinants of Health:
    40. Natural, Physical and Community Factors

      Yasmin Hussein, Stephanie Spero, Alexander Dean Bracken & Deborah Fish Ragin

    41. Multiple Ways of Understanding Vaccine Hesitance and Refusal
    42. Jennifer Reich

    43. Violence and Health Through the Lifespan:
    44. The Critical Role of Childhood Exposures & Developmental Context

      Kathy Sanders-Phillips

    45. Environmental Exposure: Lead Studies
    46. Bryce Hruska & Brooks B. Gump

    47. Geographic Determinants
    48. Joy Obayemi & Roy Hamilton

    49. Climate Change & Public Health
    50. Melinda Weathers & Marceleen Mosher

      Part V- Health Policy and Future Directions in Research

    51. Impact of Health Policy on Outcomes
    52. Jessica Devine, Krystal Lynch, Dennis Savaiano & Heather Eicher-Miller

    53. The Nexus between Behavioral and Health Economics in the Universal Health Coverage (UHC) Research Agenda
    54. Chris Atim, Ama Pokuaa Fenny, Daniel Malik Achala & John Ele-Ojo Ataguba

    55. Next Generation Genetics
    56. Saeed Yasin & Julian Keenan

    57. Research Methodology and Psychoneuroimmunology
    58. S. Chandrashekara

    59. Nudge Theory

              Ivo Vlaev & Kelly Schmidtke


    Deborah Fish Ragin is Professor Emeritus, Montclair State University. She also served as an American Psychological Association Representative to the United Nations, focusing on the psychosocial impact of HIV/AIDS, and currently serves as a representative to the United Nations for the NGO, Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues. She is the author of "Health Psychology: An Interdisciplinary Approach" (3rd Ed., Routledge/Taylor & Francis).

    Julian Paul Keenan is a Professor in the Department of Biology and the Director of the Cognitive Neuroimaging Laboratory at Montclair State University. He previously served on the faculty at Harvard Medical School and is the Founding Editor of Social Neuroscience. He has published in Science, Nature, and Proceedings of the Academy of Sciences.