Handbook of Sensor Networking : Advanced Technologies and Applications book cover
1st Edition

Handbook of Sensor Networking
Advanced Technologies and Applications

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ISBN 9781466569713
Published January 13, 2015 by Chapman and Hall/CRC
448 Pages - 279 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

The Most Complete and Up-to-Date Account of Advanced Sensor Networking Technologies

Handbook of Sensor Networking: Advanced Technologies and Applications provides a complete professional reference and practitioner’s guide to today’s advanced sensor networking technologies. The handbook focuses on both established and recent sensor networking theory, technology, and practice. Specialists at the forefront of the field address immediate and long-term challenges in their respective areas of expertise and explore practical solutions to a wide range of sensor networking issues.

This comprehensive handbook is suitable for a range of readers, including researchers and practitioners, upper-division undergraduate and graduate students, sensor networking technologists and engineers, and security, law enforcement, and governmental agencies. The book gives readers a thorough understanding of the hardware of sensor networks, wireless communication protocols, sensor networks software and architectures, wireless information networks, data manipulation, signal processing, localization, and object tracking through sensor networks.

Table of Contents

Sensor Networking Software and Architectures
Sensor Networking Internet of Things Lauren Collins
Sensor Network Platform and Operating Systems Xinheng (Henry) Wang and Shancang Li
Mobile Crowd Sensing Manoop Talasila, Reza Curtmola, and Cristian Borcea

Wireless Sensor Information Networks
In-Network Processing in Wireless Sensor Networks Qiao Xiang and Hongwei Zhang
Wireless Sensor Hierarchical Networks Shancang Li and Xinheng (Henry) Wang
Efficient Distributed Bayesian Estimation in Wireless Sensor Networks Andrew P. Brown, Ronald A. Iltis, and Hua Lee

Sensor Networking Data Manipulation and Advanced Hardware
Constructing Load-Balanced Data Aggregation Trees in Probabilistic Wireless Sensor Networks Jing (Selena) He
Biometric Sensors and How They Work Sinjini Mitra
Radio Frequency Identification Device Readers and Tags C.J. Wiemer

Sensor Networking Signal Processing
Multimedia/Audio Sensor Networking Signal Processing
Juan R. Aguilar
Data Mining in Sensor Networks Sinjini Mitra and Pramod Pandya

Obstacles in Sensor Networks
Wireless Sensor Network Security: PHY-Layer Security Andrea Bartoli, Juan Hernandez-Serrano, Miquel Soriano, Mischa Dohler, Apostolos Kountouris, and Dominique Barthel
Impact of Correlated Failures on Wireless Sensor Network Reliability Jorge E. Pezoa and Silvia Elena Restrepo
Acoustic Sensors and Algorithms for Urban Security Juan R. Aguilar

Sensor Networking Applications and Uses
Smart Buildings and Smart Cities Rim Boujrad and Thomas M. Chen
Imaging Technology Hua Lee
Reconfigurable MIMO FMCW Imaging Technique and Applications in Acoustical and Microwave Imaging Hua Lee and Michael Lee
Recent Advances in EO/IR Imaging Detector and Sensor Applications Ashok K. Sood, Yash R. Puri, Nibir K. Dhar, and Dennis L. Polla
Vehicular Sensor Networks Juan Pan and Cristian Borcea
Acoustic Sensing System for Underwater Geolocation and Navigation Hua Lee
Load-Balanced Virtual Backbones in Wireless Sensor Networks Jing (Selena) He

Appendix A: List of Sensor Networking Standards, Organizations, and Protocols John R. Vacca
Appendix B: Glossary John R. Vacca


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John R. Vacca is an information technology consultant, professional writer, editor, reviewer, and internationally known, bestselling author. From 1988 until his retirement in 1995, he was a configuration management specialist, computer specialist, and the computer security official (CSO) for NASA’s space station program Freedom and the International Space Station Program. He has authored/edited 76 books and published more than 600 articles. Visit his website for more details.


"John R. Vacca has been a forward thinker in how omnipotent networks will work and envisioned many types of devices and functions that can be networked. His work in these areas is unsurpassed by other writers and visionaries.
In this book, John has pulled together the knowledge that is needed for managers and developers to keep moving forward, and to do so faster, with sensor networking machines and devices that can perform both the mundane and complex tasks that are required for process management and production, which is necessary to propel enterprises and thus drive the global economy.
Sensor networks are rapidly growing in size, scope, and functionality. This book provides a bottom-up analysis of sensor networking technology. It will enable managers and designers to create and deploy this important technological breakthrough."
—From the Foreword by Michael Erbschloe, Information Security Consultant