Handbook of Sensor Networks : Compact Wireless and Wired Sensing Systems book cover
1st Edition

Handbook of Sensor Networks
Compact Wireless and Wired Sensing Systems

ISBN 9780849319686
Published July 28, 2004 by CRC Press
860 Pages 334 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

As the field of communications networks continues to evolve, the challenging area of wireless sensor networks is rapidly coming of age. Recent advances have made it possible to make sensor components more compact, robust, and energy efficient than ever, earning the idiosyncratic alias of “Smart Dust.” Production has also improved, yielding larger, more cost-efficient quantities for specialized telecommunications applications. However, network designers and planners for emerging telecommunication networks face specific challenges in finding the best way to integrate new network-specific circuits with existing network systems.

The Handbook of Sensor Networks: Compact Wireless and Wired Sensing Systems captures the current state of sensor networks and deals with particular technical challenges such as software protocols, data processing, security, and limited power sources for remote sensors. Other topics include architecture, artificial perception, location management, dynamic power management, data funneling, and applications such as tracking, biological data acquisition, industrial sensor networking, security measures, and energy-saving techniques.

A selection of highly respected professionals and researchers from leading institutions worldwide contribute their expertise to assemble a referential set of 40 brand new, in-depth articles that cover various aspects of sensor networks, from basic concepts to research-grade material, including future directions.

Table of Contents

Opportunities and Challenges in Wireless Sensor Networks, M. Haenggi,
Next Generation Technologies to Enable Sensor Networks, J. I.  Goodman, A. I. Reuther, and D. R. Martinez
Sensor Networks Management, L. B. Ruiz, J. M. Nogueira, and A. A. F. Loureiro
Models for Programmability in Sensor Networks, A. Boulis
Miniaturizing Sensor Networks with MEMS, Brett Warneke
A Taxonomy of Routing Techniques in Wireless Sensor Networks, J. N. Al-Karaki and A. E. Kamal
Artificial Perceptual Systems, A. Loutfi, M. Lindquist, and P. Wide
Sensor Network Architecture and Applications, C. Shen, C. Jaikaeo, and C. Srisathapornphat,
A Practical Perspective on Wireless Sensor Networks, Q. Wang, H. Hassanein, and K. Xu,
Introduction to Industrial Sensor Networking, M. Sveda, P. Benes, R. Vrba, and F. Zezulka,
A Sensor Networks for Biological Data Acquisition, T. Small, Z. J. Haas, A. Purgue, and K. Fristrup
Sensor Network Architecture, J. Feng, F. Koushanfar, and M. Potkonjak 
Tiered Architectures in Sensor Networks, M. Yarvis and W. Ye
Energy Efficient Topologies for Wireless Sensor Networks, A. Salheih and L. Schwiebert,
Architecture and Modeling of Dynamic Sensor Networks, S. Papavassiliou, and J. Zhu
Overview of Communication Protocols for Sensor Networks, W. Su, E. Cayirci, and O. B. Akan
A Communication Architecture and Programming Abstraction for Real – Time Embedded Sensor NetworksT. Abdelzaher, J. Stankovic, S. Son, B. Blum, T. He, A. Wood, and C. Lu,
A Comparative Study of Energy Efficient (E2) Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks, Q. Wang, and H. Hassanein
Coverage in Wireless Sensor Networks, M. Cardei, and J. Wu
Location Management in Wireless Sensor Networks, J. Beutel,
Positioning and Tracking in Wireless Sensor Networks, Y. C. Tseng, C. F. Huang, and S. P. Kuo
Tracking Techniques in Air Vehicle Based Decentralized Sensor Networks, M. Ridley, L. L. Ong, E. Nettleton, and S. Sukkarieh, A
Fundamental Protocols to Gather Information on Wireless Sensor Networks, J. Bordim, and K. Nakano
Comparison of Data Processing Techniques in Sensor Networks, V. Gonzalez, and E. Sanchis
On Computational and Networking Problems in Distributed Sensor Networks, Q. Wu, N. S. V. Rao, R. R. Brooks, S. S. Iyengar, and M. Zhu
Cooperative Computing in Sensor Networks, L. Iftode, C. Borcea, and P. Kang
Dynamic Power Management in Sensor Networks, A. Sinha and A. Chandrakasan 
Design Challenges in Energy Efficient Medium Access Control for Wireless Sensor Networks, D. Dewasurendra, A. Mishra
Techniques to Reduce Computation and Communication Energy in Wireless Sensor Networks, V. Swaminathan, Y. Zou, and K. Chakrabarty

Energy Aware Routing and Data Funneling in Sensor Networks, R. C. Shah, D. Petrovic, and Jan M. Rabaey

Security and privacy Protection in Wireless Sensor Networks, S. Slijepcevic, J. L. Wong, and M. Potkonjak
A Taxonomy for Denial-of-Service Attacks in Wireless Sensor Networks, A. D. Wood, and J. A. Stankovic
Reliability Support in Sensor Networks, A. Lim 
Reliable Energy-Constrained Routing in Sensor Networks, R. Kannan, L. Ray, and S. S. Iyenger
Fault-Tolerant Interval Estimation in Sensor Networks, Y. Zhu, B. Li, and Z. You
Fault-Tolerance in Wireless Sensor Networks, F. Koushanfar, M. Potkanjak, and A. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli
Low Power Design for Smart Dust Networks, Z. Karakehayou   
Energy Efficient Design for Distributed Sensor Networks, L. Yuan and G. Qu
Wireless Sensor Networks and Computational Geometry, X. Y. Li, and Y. Wang
Localized Algorithms for Sensor Networks, J. Feng, F. Koushanfar,  and M. Potkonjak

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“[A] comprehensive resource … Each expert-authored chapter examines strategies for deploying large numbers of inexpensive sensors… Summing Up: Recommended.”
CHOICE, February 2005, Vol. 42, No. 06