1st Edition

Handbook of Spectroscopy Volume III

By J. W. Robinson Copyright 1981

    The principle objective of this handbook is to provide a readily accessible source of information on the major fields of spectroscopy. Specifically, these fields are NMR, IR, Raman, UV (absorption and fluorescence), ESCA, X-Ray (absorption diffraction fluorescence), mass spectrometry, atomic absorption, flame photometry, emission spectrography, and flame spectroscopy. It will be of particular use to analytical, organic, inorganic chemists or spectroscopists wishing to identify materials or compounds. The book will indicate to them which techniques may provide useful information and what kind of information will and will not be provided. In short, it will be a companion to those spectroscopists who have need to broaden their horizons into the major fields discussed.

    1. Mass Photoelectric Absorption Coefficients 2. Appearance Potential Spectroscopy 3. Thermal Neutron Cross Sections and Resonance Integrals for Activation Analysis 4. Tables of Experimental Values of X-Ray Fluorescence and Coster-Kronig Yields for the K-, L-, and M-Shells 5. 14 MeV Neutron Activation Cross Sections 6. Wavelength Standards in Visisble, Ultraviolet, and Near-Infrared Spectroscopy 7. Electron Affinities 8. Wavelength-Dependent and Electronic System Oscillator Strengths for Free Diatomic Molecules of Astrophysical Importance 9. Electron Spin Resonance Application to the Study of Minerals and Glasses 10. Experimental Lifetimes, Franck-Condon Factors, and Vibrational and Rotational Oscillator Strengths 11. Mossbauer Spectroscopy


    J. W. Robinson