1st Edition

Handbook of State Government Administration

By John J. Gargan Copyright 2000

    Devised to meet the ongoing challenge of identifying the skills and knowledge necessary for expanding the governing capacity of state and local authorities, this book discusses the fiscal consequences of "get tough" approaches to crime and presents more effective and less expensive policy options. Surveying the range of administrative and managemen

    Part 1 Factors affecting the context of state government administration: introduction and overview of state government administration; management consequences of the 1960-1990 modernization of state government; state administration andintergovernmental interdependency - coping with turbulent environments; the impact of political cultures on state government administration. Part 2 Basic state government management practices: governors as chief administrators and managers; theindependent political executive in state governance; budgeting in state government - control and management; developments in state government human resources administration; strategic planning in state government - a key to strategic management; theadministration of innovations in state government; administrative/management productivity in state government; policy research in state government; measuring results in state government. Part 3 Administration policies of state government: theadministration of state economic development policy; administration of state government rural development policy; the administration of state economic development - decision making amid uncertainty; the administration of developmental disabilities instate government; administrative and management issues in state human service programmes; state administration of welfare policies; administering rapid growth entitlements - the case of Medicaid; the management of state corrections policy -consequences ofgetting tough on crime; administration of state environmental policies; administration and management of public works in state government. Part 4 Concluding assessment: state government capacity challenges for the new century.


    John J. Gargan (Kent State University, Kent, OH, USA) (Author)