1st Edition

Handbook of Stress Medicine
An Organ System Approach

Edited By

John R. Hubbard

ISBN 9780849325151
Published October 24, 1997 by CRC Press
448 Pages

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Book Description

Psychological stress is often overlooked by medical doctors as a major factor in physiologically based illness; however, clinical studies show that stress has a vital impact on both the mental and physical well-being of patients. Handbook of Stress Medicine: An Organ System Approach focuses on the relationship between stress and the physiology and pathology of the major organ systems of the body. It suggests that understanding how stress impacts on illnesses can help hold down medical costs through more accurate diagnoses and promote improved preventative care.

Section I offers a general background on stress as it relates to medicine and the difficulties in conducting stress-related research. The primary focus of the text, how stress effects specific organ systems, is examined using scientific and clinical data in Section II. The third section addresses the impact of stress on important medical problems of current interest, such as AIDS, cancer, and substance abuse. It also discusses anxiety disorders. The next section covers topics related to stress, such as stress measurement, stress in the workplace, and the psychodynamics of stress. The final section explores the major pharmacological and non-pharmacological approaches to the treatment of stress and anxiety disorders.

This book will assist physicians, psychologists, nurses, physical therapists, and other health care professionals recognize possible stress-related problems, educate their patients, and develop therapeutic strategies for reducing stress and stress-related illnesses.

Table of Contents

Introductory Concepts
On the Nature of Stress, J.R. Hubbard and E.A. Workman
The Effect of Stress on Organ Systems of the Body
Mental Stress and the Cardiovascular System, W.V.R. Vieweg and J.R. Hubbard
The Effects of Stress on the Respiratory System, T.G. Sriam and J.J. Silverman
Influence of Mental Stress on the Endocrine System, B. Felker and J.R. Hubbard
Stress and the Gastrointestinal Tract, K.W. Olden
The Effects of Mental and Metabolic Stress on the Female Reproductive System and Female Reproductive Hormones, J.D. Veldhuis, K. Yoshida, and A. Iranmanesh
Effect of Stress on Male Reproductive Function, G.E. Lemack, R.G. Uzzo, and D.P. Poppas
Stress-Induced Immunodepression in Humans, M.F. La Via and E.A. Workman
The Effect of Psychological Stress on Neurological Disorders, S.N. Ghaemi, M.C. Irizarry, and A.B. Joseph
Special Medical Topics Related to Stress Medicine
Stress and Addiction, S.E. Franco, J.R. Hubbard, and P.R. Martin
Associations between Psychosocial Stress and Malignancy, M.J.M. Cohen, E.S. Kunkel, and J.L. Levenson
Stress and Immune Function in HIV-1 Disease, M.A. Fletcher, G. Ironson, K. Goodkin, M.H. Antoni, N. Schneiderman, and N.G. Klimas
Stress and Dental Pathology, S.W. Hubbard and J.R. Hubbard
Pain and Stress, W.B. Hodges and E.A. Workman
Stress and Anxiety Disorders, S.S. Falsetti and J.C. Ballenger
Other Topics Related to Stress Medicine
The Measurement of Stress and Its Effects, E.A. Workman
Biochemical Indicators of Stress, J.R. Hubbard, M. Kalimi, and J.P. Liberti
Stress in the Workplace: An Overview, J.C. Neunan and J.R. Hubbard
The Psychodynamics of Stress, D.J. Scheiderer and J.W. Lomax
Basic Components to the Treatment of Stress and Anxiety Disorders
Cognitive and Behavioral Methods of Stress Control, A.M. Katz, M.A. Chiglinsky, and J. Parker
Pharmacologic Treatment for Anxiety Disorders, D.D. Short

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