2nd Edition

Handbook of Structural Engineering

Edited By W.F. Chen, E.M. Lui Copyright 2005
    1764 Pages 1000 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Continuing the tradition of the best-selling Handbook of Structural Engineering, this second edition is a comprehensive reference to the broad spectrum of structural engineering, encapsulating the theoretical, practical, and computational aspects of the field. The authors address a myriad of topics, covering both traditional and innovative approaches to analysis, design, and rehabilitation.

    The second edition has been expanded and reorganized to be more informative and cohesive. It also follows the developments that have emerged in the field since the previous edition, such as advanced analysis for structural design, performance-based design of earthquake-resistant structures, lifecycle evaluation and condition assessment of existing structures, the use of high-performance materials for construction, and design for safety.

    Additionally, the book includes numerous tables, charts, and equations, as well as extensive references, reading lists, and websites for further study or more in-depth information. Emphasizing practical applications and easy implementation, this text reflects the increasingly global nature of engineering, compiling the efforts of an international panel of experts from industry and academia. This is a necessity for anyone studying or practicing in the field of structural engineering.

    New to this edition

  • Fundamental theories of structural dynamics
  • Advanced analysis
  • Wind and earthquake-resistant design
  • Design of prestressed concrete, masonry, timber, and glass structures
  • Properties, behavior, and use of high-performance steel, concrete, and fiber-reinforced polymers
  • Semirigid frame structures
  • Structural bracing
  • Structural design for fire safety
    Structural Fundamentals, E.M. Lui
    Structural Analysis, J.Y.R. Liew and N.E. Shanmugam
    Structural Dynamics, F.Y. Cheng

    Steel Structures, E.M. Lui
    Steel Frame Design Using Advanced Analysis, S. E. Kim and W-F. Chen
    Cold-Formed Steel Structures, W. -W. Yu
    Reinforced Concrete, A. Pan
    Prestressed Concrete, E.G. Nawy
    Masonry Structures, R.E. Klingner
    Timber Structures, J.D. Dolan
    Aluminum Structures, M.L. Sharp
    Reliability-Based Structural Design, A. Haldar
    Structure Configuration Based on Wind Engineering, Y. Kubo

    High-Performance Steel, E.M. Lui
    High-Performance Concrete, Z. Li and Y. Zhang
    Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Composites, L.C. Bank

    Fundamentals of Earthquake Engineering, C. Scawthorn
    Earthquake Damage to Structures, M. Yashinsky
    Seismic Design of Buildings, R.O. Hamburger and C. Scawthorn
    Seismic Design of Bridges, L. Duan, M. Reno, W-F. Chen, and S. Unjoh
    Performance-Based Seismic Design and Evaluation of Building Structures, S.K. Kunnath

    Multistory Frame Structures, J.Y.R. Liew and T. Balendra
    Semirigid Frame Structures, L. Xu
    Space Frame Structures, T.T. Lan
    Bridge Structures, S. Toma, L. Duan, and W-F. Chen
    Cable-Supported Bridges, M. Ito
    Cooling Tower Structures, P.L. Gould and W.B. Kr├Ątzig
    Tunnel Structures, C. Ingerslev, B. Brenner, J-N. Wang, P. Rice, and B. Schmidt
    Glass Structures, A. Lee, A.K.W. So, and S.L. Chan

    Welded Tubular Connections - CHS Trusses, P.W. Marshall
    Effective Length Factors of Compression Members, Lian Duan and W-F. Chen
    Structural Bracing, B. Chen and J. Yura
    Stub Girder Floor Systems, R. Bjorhovde
    Fatigue and Fracture, R.J. Dexter
    Passive Energy Dissipation and Active Control, T.T. Soong and G.F. Dargush
    Life Cycle Evaluation and Condition Assessment of Structures, C. Estes and D.M. Frangopol
    Structural Design for Fire Safety, Y.C. Wang



    W.F. Chen, E.M. Lui