1st Edition

Handbook of Sustainable Polymers
Processing and Applications

ISBN 9789814613538
Published October 28, 2015 by Jenny Stanford Publishing
988 Pages 291 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

The 21st century offers vast challenges for researchers all around the globe, especially regarding the effective use of sustainable polymers and their materials for different applications. With this focus, sustainable polymers are now rising as one of the most feasible alternatives to traditional synthetic polymers/materials for a variety of industrial uses. This book is an archival reference for researchers and students working in the field of sustainable polymers and their applications in industry. It focuses on the processing and applications of diverse sustainable polymers procured from different biorenewable resources that have been rarely reported so far in a single book.

Table of Contents

Sustainable Polymers and Applications: An Overview; Rita Mahanta and Ranadeep Mahanta

Tara Gum the new biopolymer for different applications. Hydrodynamic Properties; Masuelli and Martin Alberto

High-Value Utilization of Natural Cellulose: Cellulose-based Biocomposite Materials; Yong Zhang, Juming Yao

Bioprocessing of Natural Plant Cellulosic Polymer Materials; C.Vigneswaran, P.Kandhavadivu, and M. Ananthasubramanian

Biodegradable Polymers: Definition, Classification and Application as an Alternative to Plastic; Neha Patni and Shibu. G. Pillai

Potential Applications of Sustainable Polymers in Functionalization of Cellulosic Textile Materials; Nabil A. Ibrahim, Basma M. Eid

Research Progress in Polymer Complexes and Their Applications; Altaf H. Basta and Houssni El_Saied

Hemicellulose: Isolation and Its Application in Pharmacy; Muchlisyam, Jansen Silalahi, and Urip Harahap

Optical Anisotropy of Cellulose Esters and Its Application to Optical Functional Films; Kultida Songsurang, Hikaru Shimada, Shogo Nobukawa, and Masayuki Yamaguchi

Mechanical Performance of Eulaliopsis Binata Biofibers Based Green Composites; Manju Kumari Thakur and Vijay Kumar Thakur

Developments and Applications of Sustainable Polylactic Acid Parts; Khosrow Khodabakhshi and Morteza Ehsani

Pectin and Its Roles in Transdermal Drug Delivery; Anuar Nor Khaizan and Tin Wui Wong

Development in Tunicate Cellulose; Guangzhe Piao and Dawei Zhang

Synthesis and characterization of Bacterial cellulose-based composites and their applications;

Muenduen Phisalaphong and Suchata Kirdponpattara

Chitosan Polymer as Novel Drug Carrier; Aakanchha Jain, Sourabh Jain, Vikas Jain, and Dharmveer Kohli

Chitosan and Its Roles in Transdermal Drug Delivery; Asif Nawaz, Nauman Rahim Khan, and Tin Wui Wong

Chiral electrochemical sensors based on molecularly imprinted polymers with pharmaceutical applications; Bogdan-Cezar Iacob, Ede Bodoki, and Radu Oprean

Molecularly Imprinted Polymers: A versatile tool in pharmaceutical applications; Sushma Pardeshi, Rita Dhodapkar, and Anupama Kumar

Chitosan and nano chitosan: properties & application to textiles; D P Chattopadhyay

Silver nanoparticle incorporated hydrogels: Synthesis and Antibacterial Applications; P. Souda and Lisa Sreejith

Biodegradable polyesters: from monomer to application; Geert-Jan Graulus,, Thomas Billiet, Sandra Van Vlierberghe, Hugo Thienpont, Heidi Ottevaere, and Peter Dubruel

Synthetic - Natural Hybrid Polymers Based onPolyurethane: Structures, Properties, and Applications; V. Saucedo Rivalcoba, A.L. Martínez-Hernández, C. Velasco-Santos

Biodegradable Poly (lactic acid) and Its Composites; Tao Yu, Yan Li

The main characteristics, properties, improvements and market data of Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs); Elodie Bugnicourt, Patrizia Cinelli, and Vera Alvarez

Polymers and Polymer Composites for Electrolyte Application; Aleksandra Kiyanitsa, Sergey Gaidukov, and Gerda Gaidukova

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Vijay Kumar Thakur is staff scientist in the School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering at Washington State University, USA. His former appointments include research scientist at Temasek Laboratories, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, and visiting research fellow in the Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering at Lunghwa University of Science and Technology, Taiwan. Dr. Thakur has published more than 80 research articles in SCI journals, 20 books, and 30 book chapters and holds one US patent.

Manju Kumari Thakur is assistant professor of chemistry in the Division of Chemistry, Government Degree College Sarkaghat, Himachal Pradesh University, India. She received her bachelor’s degree in chemistry, botany, and zoology, master’s and MPhil in organic chemistry, and PhD in polymer chemistry from the Department of Chemistry, Himachal Pradesh University. She has published more than 30 research papers in international journals, co-authored 7 books, and authored 25 book chapters in the field of polymeric materials.


"This excellent book covers a wide range of issues related to sustainable polymers. It is an updated book on the current needs and a useful source of reliable information on this emerging field. It is relevant to different research disciplines and will extensively contribute to the advances in scientific or engineering fields."
— Dr. Raju Kumar Gupta, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India

"This book exemplifies an extensive collection of advanced research on sustainable polymers and materials for advanced applications, especially in textile materials, pharmacy, drug delivery, novel drug carriers, optical functional films, and antibacterials. It focuses on the most recent scientific discoveries made by highly recognized authors in the field of polymers from around the world. An excellent reference for inspiring students, researchers, and scientists to make fascinating discoveries in the field of biodegradable and sustainable polymers."
— Dr. Mohammad Jawaid, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia

"This book covers comprehensive information concerning sustainable polymers and their multifunctional applications in biomedical, pharmaceutical, automotive, textile, and electrolyte fields, which involve biocomposite materials, bioprocessing of natural polymers, complex structures, and biodegradability. Written in a clear and concise manner by highly recognized authors, the latest scientific information will be useful to students, scientists, and researchers from different domains, including polymer chemistry, biopolymers, plastics technology, materials science, chemical engineering, green composites, and biotechnology."
— Dr. Silvia Ioan, "Petru Poni" Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry, Romania

"A very interesting book on sustainable polymers that will be a worthy read for students, researchers, material engineers, and scientists looking for new frontiers in this emerging field. Sustainable polymers have a bright future and can be applied in various industries. This book provides valuable information, and every researcher must have a copy as a valuable reference."
— Prof. Amar Singh Singha, National Institute of Technology Hamirpur, India

"This book focuses on sustainable polymers and their processing and applications. It introduces readers to biopolymers and biodegradable polymers (bacterial polyesters, polylactic acid, polyvinyl alcohol, polysaccharides, including cellulose, starch, hemicelluloses, carrageenan, chitin, chitosan, and pectins) and discusses their processing methods and potential applications (e.g., emerging technologies for the derivatization of cellulose-based materials and production of green polymer composites and nanocomposites). This book should serve as a general introduction and useful reference for researchers and students."
— Dr. Carmen-Alice Teaca, "Petru Poni" Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry, Romania