1st Edition

Handbook of Systems Engineering and Risk Management in Control Systems, Communication, Space Technology, Missile, Security and Defense Operations

By Anna M. Doro-on Copyright 2023
    816 Pages 23 Color & 179 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    816 Pages 23 Color & 179 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    This book provides multifaceted components and full practical perspectives of systems engineering and risk management in security and defense operations with a focus on infrastructure and manpower control systems, missile design, space technology, satellites, intercontinental ballistic missiles, and space security.

    While there are many existing selections of systems engineering and risk management textbooks, there is no existing work that connects systems engineering and risk management concepts to solidify its usability in the entire security and defense actions. With this book Dr. Anna M. Doro-on rectifies the current imbalance. She provides a comprehensive overview of systems engineering and risk management before moving to deeper practical engineering principles integrated with newly developed concepts and examples based on industry and government methodologies. The chapters also cover related points including design principles for defeating and deactivating improvised explosive devices and land mines and security measures against kinds of  threats.

    The book is designed for systems engineers in practice, political risk professionals, managers, policy makers, engineers in other engineering fields, scientists, decision makers in industry and government and to serve as a reference work in systems engineering and risk management courses with focus on security and defense operations.

    1. The Complexity of Threats against National Security

    2. Systems Engineering and Weapon Systems Acquisition Strategy of the U.S. Department of Defense and National Security

    3. System of Systems Engineering

    4. Modern Predictive Analytics and Big Data Systems Engineering — Methods, Principles, Theories and Applications

    5. Defense Information, Communication, and Space Technology

    6. Fundamentals of Control Systems Engineering

    7. Missile Systems Engineering — Design, Guidance, and Control

    8. Risk Management Framework of the U.S. Department of Defense and National Security

    9. Mechanics of the Mind under Uncertainty and Cognitive Illusion Involving Risk Assessment in National Security

    10. Command, Control, and Communication (C3) Systems Engineering and Artificial Intelligence

    11. Special Topic: Improvised Explosive Devices and Weather Modification to Mitigate Terrorism and Disaster


    Anna M. Doro-on is a U.S. Department of Defense civilian systems engineer specifically for the Missile Defense System. She is the sole author of two books entitled, Risk Assessment for Water Infrastructure Security and Safety, (2011) and Risk Assessment & Security for Pipelines, Tunnels, and Underground Rail and Transit Operations (2014), published by CRC Press/Taylor & Francis Group, based on her Ph.D. dissertation, thoroughly digesting the cumulative prospect theory (CPT) related to the definition of risk.