1st Edition

Handbook of Technology in Financial Services

By Jessica Keyes Copyright 1999
    748 Pages
    by Auerbach Publications

    The calculus of IT support for the banking, securities and insurance industries has changed dramatically and rapidly over the past few years. Unheard of just a few years ago, corporate intranets are now used for everything from job postings to enhanced team communications. Whole new departments are being created to support e-commerce. And the Internet/Intranet/Extranet triple-whammy is the most critical component of most financial IT shops. At the same time, new intelligent agents stand ready to take on such diverse functions as customer profiling and data mining.

    Get a handle on all these new and newer ripples with Handbook of Technology in Financial Services. Here, in this exhaustive new guide and reference book, industry guru Jessica Keyes gives you the no-nonsense scoop on not just the tried and true IT tools of today, but also the up-and-coming "hot" technologies of tomorrow, and how to plan for them.

    Keyes gives you extensive, example-driven explanations of such topics

  • digital check imaging and Internet-based billing
  • e-commerce and Internet banking
  • portfolio management systems for the 21st century
  • GIS technology in financial services
  • and much more.

    Focusing on problems from both a technology perspective and a business perspective, the Handbook also addresses challenges and solutions associated with:
  • supporting the self-service revolution by servicing kiosks and ATMs efficiently and economically
  • straight-through processing for the securities industry
  • outsourcing business communications in the insurance industry
  • distributed integration as a cost-effective alternative to data warehousing
  • and putting inbound fax automation to work in financial organizations.
    Packed with real-world case-studies and practical solutions to problems confronting financial services IT managers every day of the week, Handbook of Technology in Financial Services covers everything from system security to IT support for the Web marketing of financial services. In short, it is a compendium of essential information no professional can afford to be without.
  • Preface
    Grab a Ringside Seat for the Best of Banking Technology
    Banking Technology in Emerging Markets
    Going Global -- Systems Issues for Servicing Global Business
    A Brief Case History in Internet Banking
    How "Internet Bill Presentment" Changes the Deployment Strategy for Homebanking and Online Payment
    The Self Service Revolution: Harnessing the Power of Kiosks & ATMs
    Checking It Twice: Check Imaging System Offers Greater Flexibility and Efficiency
    Internet Banking: Leveling the Playing Field for Community Banks Through Internet Banking
    Straight Talk on SET: Challenges and Opportunities from a Business Perspective
    The Future of the Securities Industry: Convergence of Trust and Brokerage
    A Portfolio Management System for the 21st Century
    Logging Monitoring in the Financial Services Industry
    Straight Through Processing
    Designing and Evaluating Investment Performance Systems
    Outsourcing Business Communications in the Insurance Industry
    New Business Model for Insurance Industry Demands New Automation Model
    The Internet and Evolving Technology: Changing How Insurance Companies Service and Operate
    Producer Management Systems -- The Need for Automation and Integration
    Understanding and Implementing Business Intelligence Solutions in the Insurance Industry
    The "Must Have" Guide to Total Quality for the Financial Services Manager
    Distributed Integration: An Alternative to Data Warehousing
    Distributions Solutions in n-Tier Design in the Financial Services Industry
    Windows Distributed Internet Architecture for Financial Services
    Evaluating Financial and Application Prototyping Environments
    Customer Profiling for Financial Services
    Business Rule Systems
    Customer Data Quality: The Foundation for a One-to-One Customer Relationship
    A History of Knowledge-Based Systems in Financial Services
    The Unfolding Wireless Technology in the Financial Services Industry
    Personal Financial Appliances
    Putting Inbound Fax Automation to Work in the Financial Organization
    VPNs for Financial Services
    Designing a High-Performance, High-Availability Network Infrastructure
    Applications of GIS Technology in Financial Services
    Designing and Implementing a Virus Prevention Policy in Financial Services Organizations: Key Issues and Critical Needs
    Voice Over ATM
    Toward a More Perfect Union: The European Monetary Conversion and Its Impact on Information Technology
    Systems that Build Themselves: Anatomy of a Development Before the Fact
    Software Engineering Methodology
    Multimedia-Based Training (MBT) for Financial Services
    Law (or the Lack of it) on the Web: A Primer for Financial Services
    Technology Managers
    Internet Security Analysis Report: An Executive Overview
    Multicast Applications and Technology for the Financial Services Industry
    An Introduction to the Internet for Financial Services Developers
    Introduction to e-Commerce
    Using Net-Based Interactive Technology for Online Marketing, Sales and Support of Financial Services Firms
    Appendix A: Selected Product Briefs


    Jessica Keyes

    "The Handbook of Technology in Financial Services is a veritable encyclopedia of technology trends. A must-read for anyone in the industry."
    -Pat Bitton, Director of Marketing, Trend Micro, Inc.

    "If you are a financial services manager, this is a 'must read' to keep up with the technology trends in such a fast-paced industry."
    -Michael A. McNeal, President & CEO, Absoft

    "The financial services industry is evolving more quickly than a broker makes trades on the NYSE. This book makes dry technology issues come alive!"
    -Lynn Paull, VP of M&I Bank, Milwaukee, WI

    "This book is an indispensable guide to the convergence of technology and the global financial system."
    -Bernard Lunn, CEO, Ionic Systems

    "How will the financial services industry meet the unprecedented challenges and opportunities of the electronic marketplace? This book provides some insights from those on the front lines, and is one of the few resources available that can be used by every department in almost any financial services firm."
    -Rob Brown, Ph.D., CFA, Executive Vice President, Portfolio Management Consultants, Inc.

    "As someone who has been involved both in the Financial services business and the Technology business I would highly recommend this book as it is a marriage of the two worlds in a style that is easy to understand."
    -Mal Anderson, Executive Vice President, SLM Software and CEO of their western operations including wealth management support tools