1st Edition

Handbook of Therapeutic Imagery Techniques

By Anees Ahmad Sheikh Copyright 2000
    422 Pages
    by Routledge

    422 Pages
    by Routledge

    Consists of a description of a multitude of imagery techniques that have been grouped into four categories: hypno-behavioral, cognitive-behavioral, psychodynamic/humanistic and humanistic/transpersonal.

     Imagination in Disease and Healing Processes: A Historical Perspective, Carol E. McMahon and Anees A. Sheikh

     Relaxing Images in Hypnobehavioral Therapy, W. S. Kroger and W. D. Fezler
    Visualization Techniques and Altered States of Consciousness, Errol R. Korn
    Imagery in Autogenic Training, Anees A. Sheikh and Karen Jacobsen
    Imagery-Related Techniques in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Melissa J. Klein, Adreana A. Scimeca, Amardeep S. Kaleka, and Anees A. Sheikh

     Imagery Techniques in Cognitive Behavior Treatments of Anxiety and Trauma, Robert J. Lueger
    Imagery Rescripting Therapy for Trauma Survivors with PTSD, Mervin R. Smucker, Jo Weis, and Brad Grunert
    Imagery Scripts for Changing Lifestyle Patterns, Jeanne Achterberg, Barbara Dossey, and Leslie Kolkmeier
    Imagery Exercises for Health, Gerald Epstein
    Imagery Techniques in the Work of Maxwell Maltz, M. Michael Ishii

     The Oneirotherapies, Nancy C. Much and Anees A. Sheikh
    Eidetic Psychotherapy Techniques, Anees A. Sheikh
    Techniques in Psycho-Imagination Therapy, Joseph E. Shorr
    Imagery Techniques in the Work of Mike and Nancy Samuels, John S. Kruck
     Gendlin’s Focusing Techniques, Julie H. Tynion
    Imagery Techniques in Emotive Reconstructive Therapy, James K. Morrison
    Imagery in the Work of Ira Progoff, LaRee D. Naviaux
    Animal Imagery, The Chakra System, and Psychotherapy, Eligio Stephen Gallegos
     Tsubo Imagery Psychotherapy, Seiichi Tajima and Gosaku Naruse
    Conception Imagery Exercise: Journey to Beginning, Beverly Carol Stokes and Louis Stokes

     Images and Death Psychology: The Legacy of Carl Jung, Dorothy Sawyer
    Imagery Techniques in Psychosynthesis, L. Martin Moleski, M. Michael Ishii and Anees A. Sheikh
    Imagery Techniques in the Work of Jean Houston, Shirley Bankier
    Transformational Fantasy, John T. Shaffer
    Good Health Imaging, Anees A. Sheikh and Katharina S. Sheikh
    Guided Meditation, Ram Dass and Stephen Levine
    Imagery-Related Meditations, Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan

     Imagery and the Conquest of Time: Selected Therapeutic Techniques from Various Sources, Sundar Ramaswami

     Techniques to Enhance Imaging Ability, Anees A. Sheikh, Katharina S. Sheikh, and L. Martin Moleski



    Anees Ahmad Sheikh (Author)