1st Edition

Handbook of Unethical Work Behavior: Implications for Individual Well-Being

By Robert A Giacalone, Mark D Promislo Copyright 2013
    320 Pages
    by Routledge

    320 Pages
    by Routledge

    This handbook covers the widest possible range of organizational misbehaviors (age, race, and gender discrimination, abuse, bullying, aggression, violence, fraud and corruption), all with an eye toward the effects on individual and organizational health and well-being. It is the first-ever single-source resource on this important topic.

    1. Ethical Impact Theory (EIT): Unethical Work Behavior and Well-Being

    Mark D. Promislo, Robert A. Giacalone, and Carole L. Jurkiewicz


    Part I. Attacking Others: Revenge, Aggression, Bullying, and Abuse


    2. Beyond the Consequences to the Victim: The Impact of Abusive Supervision on Third-Party Observers

    Marie S. Mitchell, Ryan M. Vogel, and Robert Folger


    3. Coping with Unethical Behavior: Forgoing the Sweetness of Revenge for the Healthy Choice of Forgiveness

    Rebecca J. Bennett and Susie S. Cox


    4.The Morality and Ethics of Workplace Revenge: Avengers’ Moral Considerations and the Consequences of Revenge for Stakeholder Well-Being

    David A. Jones


    5. Bullying and Well-Being

    Denise Salin


    6. Workplace Aggression, Unethical Behavior, and Employee Well-Being: An “Aggressive” Examination of the Issues

    Joel H. Neuman


    Part II. Harmful Behaviors and Work Stress


    7. The Impact of Ostracism on Well-Being in Organizations

    Jane O’Reilly, Sandra L. Robinson, and Kira F. Schabram


    8. Crafting an Image at Another’s Expense: Understanding Unethical Impression Management in Organizations

    William H. Turnley, Anthony C. Klotz, and Mark C. Bolino


    9. Ethical and Unethical Leader Behaviors and Their Impact on Individual Well-Being and Deviance

    Karianne Kalshoven and Deanne N. Den Hartog


    10. Age Discrimination in the Workplace and Well-Being

    Anastasia S. Vogt Yuan


    11.Unethical Work Behavior as a Stressor

    Laurenz L. Meier, Norbert K. Semmer, and Paul E. Spector


    Part III. Individual Differences, Justice, and Moral Emotions


    12. Machiavellianism, Unethical Behavior, and Well-Being in Organizational Life

    Jason J. Dahling, Daniel Kuyumcu, and Erika H. Librizzi


    13. Organizational Justice and Cardiovascular Health

    Marko Elovainio and Mika Kivimäki


    14. Moral Emotions and Unethical Behavior: The Case of Shame and Guilt

    Ilona E. de Hooge


    15. Ethics Position Theory and Unethical Work Behavior

    Donelson R. Forsyth and Ernest H. O’Boyle Jr.


    16. Perceived Justice and Well-Being at Work: How and for Whom Do Unethical Practices Matter?

    Todd Lucas and Craig A. Wendorf


    17. Ethics, Empathy, and Employment: Seeking a Compassionate Workplace

    Noreen Tehrani


    Part IV. Organizational and Societal Perspectives


    18. Ethical Climate: Causes, Consequences, and Implications for Improving Well-Being

    Charles H. Schwepker Jr.


    19. The Virtuous Business Cycle Model: A Proposal

    Charlotte McDaniel and Corey L.M. Keyes


    20. Macro-Ethinomics: The Long-Term Costs of Short-Term Thinking

    Carole L. Jurkiewicz and Boris Morozov


    Robert A Giacalone, Mark D Promislo