1st Edition

Handbook of Urban Services A Basic Guide for Local Governments

By Charles K. Coe Copyright 2009

    City and county governments provide a wide array of highly technical urban services. Gaining a rudimentary understanding of them can be a daunting challenge for students as well as new and inexperienced public servants. "Handbook of Urban Services" is designed to help meet this challenge.In language that will make the fundamentals clear to non-specialists, this practical handbook provides concise overviews of 17 core local government services in four functional areas: public Safety and Health Services - Police, fire, emergency management, emergency medical, animal control, and public health; Public Works and Planning Services - Planning and inspections, water treatment and distribution, wastewater and stormwater management, street maintenance and construction, solid waste collection and disposal, and forestry; Leisure Services - Parks and recreation, and libraries; and, Support Services - Public equipment, public buildings, and public facilities. Each chapter begins with a brief history of the service, followed by a discussion of effective management practices and policies. Chapter-ending bibliographies refer the reader to sources with more in-depth treatment.

    Preface; 1. Introduction; Part I. Public Safety and Public Health Services; 2. Police; 3. Fire Service; 4. Emergency Medical Services; 5. Emergency Management; 6. Animal Control; 7. Public and Mental Health; Part II. Public Works and Planning Services; 8. Planning and Inspections; 9. Water Treatment and Distribution; 10. Wastewater and Stormwater Management; 11. Street Maintenance and Construction; 12. Solid-Waste Collection and Disposal; 13. Forestry; Part III. Leisure Services; 14. Library; 15. Parks and Recreation; Part IV. Support Services; 16. Public Equipment; 17. Public Buildings and Facilities; Glossary; Index; About the Author.


    Authored by Coe, Charles K.