1st Edition

Handbook of Video Databases Design and Applications

Edited By Borko Furht, Oge Marques Copyright 2004
    1232 Pages 495 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Technology has spurred the growth of huge image and video libraries, many growing into the hundreds of terabytes. As a result there is a great demand among organizations for the design of databases that can effectively support the storage, search, retrieval, and transmission of video data. Engineers and researchers in the field demand a comprehensive reference that will help them design and implement the most complex video database projects.

    Handbook of Video Databases: Design and Applications presents a thorough overview in 45 chapters from more than 100 renowned experts in the field. This book provides the tools to help overcome the problems of storage, cataloging, and retrieval, by exploring content standardization and other content classification and analysis methods. The challenge of these complex problems make this book a must-have for video database practitioners in the fields of image and video processing, computer vision, multimedia systems, data mining, and many other diverse disciplines.

    Introduction to Video Databases
    Oge Marques and Borko Furht

    Modeling Video Using Input/Output Markov Models with Application to Multi-Modal Event Detection
    Ashutosh Garg, Milind R. Naphade, and Thomas S. Huang
    Statistical Models of Video Structure and Semantics
    Nuno Vasconcelos
    Flavor: A Language for Media Representation
    Alexandros Eleftheriadis and Danny Hong
    Integrating Domain Knowledge and Visual Evidence to Support Highlight Detection in Sports Videos
    Juergen Assfalg, Marco Bertini, Carlo Colombo, and Alberto Del Bimbo
    A Generic Event Model and Sports Video Processing for Summarization and Model-Based Search
    Ahmet Ekin and A. Murat Tekalp

    Temporal segmentation of video data
    Edoardo Ardizzone and Marco La Cascia
    A Temporal Multi-Resolution Approach to Video Shot Segmentation
    Tat-Seng Chua, A. Chandrashekhara, and HuaMin Feng
    Video Summaries through Multimodal Analysis
    Michael A. Smith, Howard D. Watclar, and Michael G. Christel
    Audio and Visual Content Summarization of a Video Program
    Yihong Gong
    Adaptive Video Summarization
    Philippe Mulhem, Jérôme Gensel, and Hervé Martin
    Adaptive Video Segmentation and Summarization
    Charles B. Owen and John K. Dixon
    Augmented Imagery for Digital Video Applications
    Charles B. Owen, Ji Zhou, Kwok Hung Tang, and Fan Xiao
    Video Indexing and Summarization Service for Mobile Users
    Mohamed Ahmed and Ahmed Karmouch
    Video Shot Detection Using Color Anglogram and Latent Semantic Indexing: From To Semantics
    Rong Zhao and William I. Grosky

    Tools and Techniques for Providing Interactive Video Database Applications
    Rune Hjelsvold and Subu Vdaygiri
    Animation Databases
    Z. Huang, N.Chokkareddy, and B. Prabhakaran
    Video Intelligent Exploration
    Chabane Djeraba, Younes Hafri, and Bruno Bachimont
    A Video Database Algebra
    A. Picariello, M. L. Sapino, and V.S. Subrahmanian

    Audio Indexing and Retrieval
    Zhu Liu and Yao Wang
    Relevance Feedback in Multimedia Databases
    Michael Ortega-Binderberger and Sharad Mehrotra
    Organizational Principles of Video Data
    Simone SantiniSegmentation and Classification of Moving Video Objects
    Dirk Farin, Thomas Haenselmann, Stephan Kopf, Gerald Kühne, and Wolfgang Effelsberg
    A Web-based Video Retrieval System: Architecture, Semantic Extraction and Experimental Development
    Qing Li, H Lilian Tang, Horace H. S. Ip, and Shermann S. M. Chan
    From Low Level Features to High Level Semantics
    Cha Zhang and Tsuhan Chen
    Video Indexing and Retrieval using MPEG-7
    John R. Smith
    Indexing Video Archives: Analyzing, Organizing, and Searching Video Information
    Shin'ichi Satoh and Norio Katayama
    Efficient Video Similarity Measurement Using Video Signatures
    Sen-ching Samson Cheung and Avideh Zakhor
    Similarity Search in Multimedia Databases
    Agma Traina and Caetano Traina Jr.
    Small Sample Learning Issues for Interactive Video Retrieval
    Xiang Sean Zhou and Thomas S. Huang

    Cost Effective and Scalable Video Streaming Techniques
    Kien A. Hua and Mounir Tantaoui
    Design and Development of a Scalable End-to-End Streaming Architecture
    Cyrus Shahabi and Roger Zimmermann
    Streaming Multimedia Presentation in Distributed Database Environments
    Aidong Zhang, Ramazan Savaso Aygün, and Yuqing Song
    Video Streaming: Concepts, Algorithms, and Systems
    John G. Apostolopoulos, Wai-tian Tan, and Susie J. Wee
    Continuous Display of Video Objects Using Heterogeneous Disk Subsystems
    Shahram Ghandeharizadeh and Seon Ho Kim
    Technologies and Standards for Universal Multimedia Access
    Anthony Vetro and Hari Kalva
    Server-Based Service Aggregation Schemes for Interactive Video-on-Demand
    Prithwish Basu, Thomas D. C. Little, Wang Ke, and Rajesh Krishnan
    Challenges in Distributed Video Management and Delivery
    Rainer Lienhart, Igor Kozintsev, Yen-Kuang Chen, Matthew Holliman, Minerva Yeung,
    Andre Zaccarin, and Rohit Puri
    Video Compression: State of the Art and New Trends
    Luis Torres and Edward Delp

    Compressed-Domain Video Processing
    Susie Wee, Bo Shen, and John Apostolopoulos
    Objective Video Quality Assessment
    Zhou Wang, Hamid R. Sheikh, and Alan C. Bovik
    Video Watermarking: Overview and Challenges
    Gwenaël Doërr and Jean-Luc Dugelay

    Creating Personalized Video Presentations Using Multimodal Processing
    David Gibbon, Lee Begeja, Zhu Liu, Bernard Renger, and Behzad Shahraray
    Segmenting Stories in News Video
    Lekha Chaisorn, Tat-Seng Chua, and Chin-Hui Lee
    The Video Scout System: Content-based Analysis and Retrieval for Personal Video Recorders
    Nevenka Dimitrova, Radu Jasinschi, Lalitha Agnihotri, John Zimmerman, Thomas McGee, and Dongge Li



    Furht\, Borko; Marques\, Oge