1st Edition

Handbook of Water and Wastewater Treatment Technology

By Nicholas P. Cheremisinoff Copyright 1995

    Offers information on the treatment of water and wastewater for municipal, sanitary and industrial applications, focusing on unit operations and processes that serve the broadest range of users. Wastewater treatement unit operations, including filtration, flotation, chemical coagulation, flocculation and sedimentation, as well as advanced technologies, are discussed.

    Water Characteristics
    Dissolved Matter
    Preliminary Treatments
    Coagulation and Mixing
    Gravity Separation/Sedimentation
    Biological Treatment Systems
    Filtration with Granular Media
    Mechanical Filtration
    Centrifugal Separation
    Activated Carbon/Ion Exchange
    Heavy Metals/Cyanide Treatment
    Membrane Filtration
    Steam Production and Cooling Tower Water Treatment
    Controlling Sewage Odors
    Ground Water Remediation
    Instrumentation and Test Methods
    Appendix: Useful Information and Data


    Paul N. Cheremisinoff

    ". . .a collection of exact and useful information relating to the treatment of water and wastewater for municipal, sanitary, and industrial uses. . . . . .easy to read and will hold considerable interest for those not directly connected to water treatments. . .a wealth of information. . . "
    ---Environmental Engineering