2nd Edition

Handbook of Zoonoses, Section B Viral Zoonoses

Edited By George W. Beran Copyright 1994

    This multivolume handbook presents the most authoritative and comprehensive reference work on major zoonoses of the world. The Handbook of Zoonoses covers most diseases communicable to humans, as well as those diseases common to both animals and humans. It identifies animal diseases that are host specific and reviews the effects of various human diseases on animals. Discussions address diseases that remain important public and animal health problems and the techniques that can control and prevent them.
    The chapters are written by internationally recognized scientists in their respective areas of disease, who work or have worked extensively in the most affected areas of the world. The emphasis for each zoonosis is on the epidemiology of the disease, the clinical syndromes and carrier states in infected animals and humans, and the most current methods for diagnosis and approaches to control. For infectious agents or biologic toxins, which may be transmitted by foods of animal origin, a strong focus is placed on food safety measures. The etiologic and therapeutic aspects of each disease important to epidemiology and control are identified.

    VIRAL ZOONOSES. Introduction Concepts in Viral Zoonoses (G.W. Beran and J.H. Steele). The RNA Arboviral Zoonoses (T.F. Tsai). Other Viral Zoonoses and Special Disease Conditions (G.W. Beran and J.H. Steele). Part I: Major RNA Arboviral Zoonoses: Eastern Encephalitis (E. Paul, J. Gibbs, and T.F. Tsai). Western Encephalomyelitis (J.O. Iversen). Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis (J.E. Osorio and T.M. Yuill). St. Louis Encephalitis (J.P. Luby). Japanese Encephalitis (C.H. Hoke, Jr., and J.B. Gingrich). California Group Viral Infections (P.R. Grimstad). Colorado Tick Fever (R.W. Emmons). Dengue and Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (S.B. Halstead). Chikungunya Fever (F.J. Malinoski). Yellow Fever (J.M. Meegan). Rift Valley Fever (C.J. Peters and K.J. Linthicum). West Nile Fever (J.S.M. Peiris and F.P. Amerasinge). Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever (R. Swanepoel). Sindbis Viral Infections (B. Niklasson). Vesicular Stomatitis (J.S. Reif). Part II: Regionally Important Arboviral Zoonoses: Arboviral Zoonoses of North America (J.L. Hardy). Arboviral Zoonoses of Central and South America (F.P. Pinheiro and A.P.A. Travassos da Rosa). Arboviral Zoonoses of Western Europe (R.E. Shope). Arboviral Zoonoses of Northern Eurasia (Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States) (D.K. Lvov). Arboviral Zoonoses of Africa (P.G. Jupp). Arboviral Zoonoses of Asia (N.J. Marchette). Arboviral Zoonoses of Australasia (J.G. Aaskov and R.L. Doherty). Part III: Other RNA Viral Zoonoses: Rabies and Infections by Rabies-Related Viruses (G.W. Beran). Hemorrhagic Fever with Renal Syndrome (K. Yamanouchi). Infections Caused by Arenaviruses (J.B. McCormick and S.P. Fisher-Hoch). Infections Caused by Filoviridaie (J.B. McCormick and S.P. Fisher-Hoch). Influenza (R.D. Slemons and M. Brugh). Respiratory Syncytial Virus Infections (H.D. Lehmkuhl). Parainfluenza Viral Infection (G.D. Hsiung and P.W. Chang). Encephalomyocarditis (J.J. Zimmerman). Swine Vesicular Disease (N.J. Knowles and R.F. Sellers). Vesicular Exanthema of Swine and Marine Caliciviral Infections (R.A. Bankowski and J.C. Sawyer). Foot-and-Mouth Disease (J.J. Callis and D.A. Gregg). Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis (J.E. Childs and L.J. Wilson). Newcastle Disease (M.I. Khan). Part IV: DNA Viral Zoonoses: Poxviral Zoonoses (F. Fenner). Infections Caused by Herpesvirus simiae and Other Herpesviruses (J.R. Held). Part V: Infections Caused by Retroviridae: Infections Caused by Oncovirinae (K.B. Platt). Infections Caused by Lentivirinae (M. Torten and N.C. Pedersen). Infections Caused by Spumavirinae (N.S. Swack). Part VI: Special Disease Considerations with Zoonotic Relationships: Viral Diseases of Fish and Their Relation to Public Health (F.M. Hetrick). Animal Malignancies in Relation to Public Health (C.W. Heath and G.G. Caldwell). Index.


    George W. Beran