984 Pages
    by Willan

    984 Pages
    by Willan

    The Handbook on Crime is a comprehensive edited volume that contains analysis and explanation of the nature, extent, patterns and causes of over 40 different forms of crime, in each case drawing attention to key contemporary debates and social and criminal justice responses to them. It also challenges many popular and official conceptions of crime.

    This book is one of the few criminological texts that takes as its starting point a range of specific types of criminal activity. It addresses not only 'conventional' offences such as shoplifting, burglary, robbery, and vehicle crime, but many other forms of criminal behaviour - often an amalgamation of different legal offences - which attract contemporary media, public and policy concern. These include crimes committed not only by individuals, but by organised criminal groups, corporations and governments. There are chapters on, for example, gang violence, hate crime, elder abuse, animal abuse, cyber crime, identity theft, money-laundering, eco crimes, drug trafficking, human trafficking, genocide, and global terrorism. Many of these topics receive surprisingly little attention in the criminological literature.

    The Handbook on Crime will be a unique text of lasting value to students, researchers, academics, practitioners, policy makers, journalists and all others involved in understanding and preventing criminal behaviour.

    Introduction, Fiona Brookman, Mike Maguire, Harriet Pierpoint and Trevor Bennett  Part I: 'Conventional' Property Crime  Introduction  1. Domestic burglary, Mike Maguire, Richard Wright and Trevor Bennett  2. Vehicle crime, Rick Brown  3. Shoplifting, Nick Tilley  4. Understanding and tackling stolen goods markets, Mike Sutton  Part II: Fraud and Fakes  Introduction  5. Income tax evasion and benefit fraud, John Minkes and Leonard Minkes  6. Theft and fraud by employees, Martin Gill and Janice Goldstraw-White  7. Fakes, Simon Mackenzie  8. Scams, Simon Mackenzie  9. Credit fraud, Mike Levi  10. Identity theft and fraud, Natasha Semmens  11. Cybercrime, Matt Williams  Part III: Violent Crime  Introduction  12. Homicide, Fiona Brookman  13. Domestic violence, Amanda Robinson  14. Street robbery, Trevor Bennett and Fiona Brookman  15. Stealing commercial cash: from safecracking to armed robbery, Dick Hobbs  16. Youth gang crime, Jenny Maher  17. Violence in the night-time economy, Simon Winlow  18. Hate Crime, Paul Iganski  19. Stalking and harassment, Victoria Heckels and Karl Roberts  20. Arson, Emma J. Palmer, Clive R. Hollin, Ruth M. Hatcher and Tammy Ayres  21. Blackmail, kidnapping and threats to kill, Keith Soothill and Brian Francis  22. Elder abuse, John Williams  23. School bullying: risk factors, theories and interventions, Maria M. Ttofi and David P. Farrington  24. Institutional abuse and children's homes, Jonathan Evans  25. Animal abuse, Harriet Pierpoint and Jenny Maher  Part IV: Sex-Related Crime  Introduction  26. Sexual offences against adults, Clive R. Hollin, Ruth M. Hatcher and Emma J. Palmer  27. Sexual offences against children, Clive R. Hollin, Emma J. Palmer and Ruth M. Hatcher  28. Sex Work, Belinda Brooks-Gordon  Part V: Drug-Related Crime Introduction  29. Drug- and alcohol-related crime, Trevor Bennett and Katy Holloway  30. Drug supply and possession, Tim McSweeny, Paul J. Turnbull and Tiggey May  31. Drug trafficking, Letizia Paoli, Toine Spapens, and Cyrille Fijnaut  Part VI: Organised and Business Crime  Introduction  32. Corporate financial crimes, John Minkes  33. Middle range business crime: rogue and respectable businesses, family firms and entrepreneurs, Hazel Croall  34. Human trafficking, Jo Goodey  35. Money laundering, David C. Hicks  36. Extortion, Dick Hobbs  Part VII: State, Political and War Crimes  Introduction  37. State crime, Katherine S. Williams  38. Genocide and 'ethnic cleansing', Andy Aitchison  39. Torture, Rod Morgan  40. Crimes of the global state, Maureen Cain  41. Political protest and crime, P.A.J. Waddington  42. Terrorism, Nicola Weston and Martin Innes  Part VIII: Harms, Health and Safety  Introduction  43. Eco-crime and air pollution, Reece Walters  44. Corporate violence and harm, Steve Tombs  45. Driving offences, Claire Corbett


    Fiona Brookman is Reader in Criminology and Criminal Justice and Deputy Director of the Centre for Criminology at Glamorgan University.

    Mike Maguire is Professor in Criminology at the Unviersity of Glamorgan and Emeritus Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice at the University of Cardiff.

    Harriet Pierpoint is Reader in Criminology and Criminal Justice at the Centre for Criminology at the University of Glamorgan.

    Trevor Bennett is Professor and Head of Criminology and Director of the Centre for Criminology at the University of Glamorgan.

    'The book boasts a list of experienced, international authors from both academia and the business world with many considered as experts in their field. What makes the book particularly attractive is the way that authors have drawn on their personal knowledge and insights to unravel some of the complexities of legal and political discourse.'

    'The quality of this publication is such that every academic lecturer, researcher, and student who embarks on a study course in crime or criminal justice should be encouraged to place a copy on their shelves.'
    -Christopher Blake in Policing, vol 5 iss 3