1st Edition

Handbook on Metalloproteins

Edited By Ivano Bertini, Astrid Sigel Copyright 2001
    1224 Pages
    by CRC Press

    This Handbook on Metalloproteins focuses on the available structural information of proteins and their metal ion coordination spheres. It centers on the metal ions indispensable for life but also considers metal ions used as substitution probes in studies of metalloproteins. Emphasizing the structure-function relationship, the book covers the common and distinct characterstics of metallo- enzymes, proteins, and amino acids bonded to copper, zinc, iron, and more.

    Interaction of sodium and potassium with proteins; structure and function of sodium and potassium channel proteins in membranes; magnesium-activated enzyme systems; calcium and its enzymes; vanadium in proteins and enzymes; are there proteins containing chromium?; manganese-containing enzymes and proteins; iron in heme and related proteins; iron-sulfur proteins; structure-function of non-heme iron proteins with oxygen and nitrogen dominated coordination; iron storage and transport; cobalt in vitamin B12 and its enzymes; nickel-containing enzymes; copper proteins in the transport and activation of dioxygen, and the reduction of inorganic molecules; multi-copper oxidases; copper in electron transfer proteins; proteins of various functions containing copper; zinc sites in metalloenzymes and related proteins; zinc finger proteins; other zinc proteins -metallthioneins and insulin; enzymes and proteins containing molybdenum or tungsten; emerging themes and patterns among metalloproteins; one and three letter symbols for the amino acids; the standard genetic code.


    Ivano Bertini, Astrid Sigel

    "...thoroughly documented critical reviews with large lists of references... ...[This book is a valuable source of information for advance students and researchers in bioinorganic chemistry, biochemistry, coordination chemistry, and clinical chemistry, as well as other specialists interested in the structure-function relationship in metalloproteins. ..."
    - Journal of Food Biochemistry, Vol. 27, no. 3, 2003