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Handbook on Optimizing Patient Care in Psychiatry

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Book Description

This handbook examines current mental health research, challenges in patient care, and advances in clinical psychiatry with the aim of improving approaches toward the screening of at-risk individuals, facilitating access to care, and supervising rehabilitation.

Combining evidence-based research with clinical case studies, international experts provide detailed, holistic insights into our understanding of mental disorders through biological, social, interpersonal, and economical lenses. Models of intervention, prevention, and treatment are provided, along with methods for continued care and patient advocacy. Finally, experts analyze the future of psychiatric research and mental health care. Readers will gain greater understanding of the finer nuances of handling psychiatric cases and a holistic perspective of optimizing patient care within this field.

This innovative book contributes to the development of community management of various psychiatric disorders and will be of interest to case managers, mental health workers, doctors, nurses, and many more.

Table of Contents

Section 1: Concept and Scope of Optimisation of Patient Care in Psychiatry

1. Educational Strategies to Optimise Patient Care in Psychiatry

by Janet Allison and Mike Akroyd

2. Optimising Patient Care in Psychiatry - Focus on Quality of Life 

by Sandeep Grover and Swapnajeet Sahoo

3. Optimising Patient Care in Psychiatry with Sound Mental Health Legislation

by Brendan D. Kelly, Gautam Gulati and Richard M. Duffy

4. Improving Outcomes in Patients by Public Health and Mental Health Integration

by Swateja Nimkar

5. Building Resilience at a Community and Family Level for Care in Psychiatry

by Yash Acchapalia and Avinash De Sousa

Section 2: Specific Strategies for Management

6. Comprehensive Management of Violence Against Women: Putting WHO Recommendations into Practice

 by Salmi Razali, Dina Tukhvatullina and Daria Smirnova

7. Mental Health Access to the Unreached Using Mobile Mental Health

by P B Behere, Swaroopa LungePatil, Debolina Chowdhury, Aniruddh P Behere and Richa Yadav

8. Optimising Patient Care when working with Children of Patients with Mental Illness

by Sandeep Grover and Abhishek Ghosh

9. Forensic Risk Assessment and Management of Community Case Managed clients

by Dr Aniket Bansod and Dr Akshata Mulmule

10. Optimising Patient Care in Sexual Dysfunction in Severe Mental Illness

by Shivananda Manohar, Suman S. Rao, T.S. Sathyanarayana Rao

11. Optimising Patient Care in Psychiatry with Autonomy and Choice

by Richard M. Duffy, Deshwinder S. Sidhu and Brendan D. Kelly

12. Neurocognitive rehabilitation program for people with mild cognitive impairment - "Memory Clinic"

by Victor Savilov, Olga Karpenko, Marat Kurmyshev, George Kostyuk

13. Huntington’s disease as a multi-system disorder: current "must know" for better patient management

by Svetlana Kopishinskaia, Mariia Korotysh, Sergey Svetozarskii, Mikhail Sherman, Ivan Velichko, Paul Cumming & Daria Smirnova

Section 3: High Risk Groups

14. Optimising Patient Care in Psychiatry - Bipolar Mood Disorder

by Dr Riteeka Deshpande and Dr. Anuja Bendre

15. Optimising Patient Care - Pharmacogenetics in the management of Addictions

by Evgeny Krupitsky, Elvina Akhmetova, Dina Tukhvatullina, Daria Smirnova, Paul Cumming and Azat Asadullin

16. Optimising Patient Care in Psychiatry - Behavioral Addictions

by Elvin Lukose

17. Optimising Patient Care in Psychiatry - Eating Disorders

by Avinash Desousa and Shoruq Motwani

18. Optimising Patient Care in Psychiatry - Homeless Mentally ill patients

by Adarsh Tripathi and Aathira J. Prakash

19. Challenges in Community Psychiatry - Farmer Suicides and their Survivors

by P B Behere, Shruti Agarwal, Debolina Chowdhury, Aniruddh P Behere and Richa Yadav

20. Optimising Patient Care in Psychiatry - Geriatric Psychiatry

by Elvin Lukose and Heena Merchant

21. Optimising Patient Care in Psychiatry - Borderline Personality Disorder

by Sayuri Perera

22. Optimising Patient Care in Dementia

by Shabbir Amanullah, Shiva.K.Shivakumar, Catrin Thomas, Sarmishtha Bhattacharyya and Swar Shah

23. Optimising Patient Care in Attenuated Psychosis Syndrome

by Dr. Nikita Nalawade and Avinash De Sousa

24. Optimising Patient Care in Psychiatry - Anxiety Disorders

by Prerna Khar, Vinyas Nisarga and Prajakta Patkar

25. Optimising Patient Care in Sleep Disorders

by Dr. Karishma Rupani and Dr. Shilpa Adarkar

26. Optimising Patient Care in Psychiatry - OCD and Habit Disorders

by Dr. Javed Ather Siddiqui and Dr. Shazia Farheen Qureshi

27. Optimising Patient Care in Alcohol Dependence using Disulfiram Therapy

by By Pooja Kapri, Avinash De Sousa

28. Optimising Patient Care using Naltrexone for Opioid Use Disorders

by Colin Brewer

29. Optimising Patient Care - Suicide Prevention

by Paul S. Links

30. Optimising Patient Care in Psychiatry - Focus on Consultation Liaison Psychiatry

by Dr Parijat Roy and Dr Avinash Desousa

31. Differential Awareness of Some Psychiatric Presentations

by Tarek Okasha

Section 4: Innovations in the Model of Care

32. Optimising Patient Care in Psychiatry using Cognitive Behavior Therapy

by Pragya Lodha

33. Optimising Patient Care in Psychiatry with Policy and Practice of ECT in Malaysia

by Dr. Chee Kok Yoon

34. Rehabilitation and Case Management Using Cognitive Remediation Therapy

by Dr Akshata Mulmule  and Dr Aniket Bansod 

35. Optimising Patient Care with Effective Psychotherapeutic Interventions

by Tanya Malik and Urveesha Nirjar

36. Telepsychiatry as a means to Optimising Psychiatric Care

by Mary V. Seeman

37. Smartphone Technology to Optimize Psychiatric Care in the Community

by Boniface Harerimana and Cheryl Forchuk

38. Optimising School Mental Health Services

by Dr. Avinash De Sousa

39. Optimising Patient Care in Psychiatry - Focus on Forensic Psychiatry

by Jason Quinn, Ajay Prakash, Jared Scott and Arun Prakash

40. Optimising Patient Care in the Community Using Psychopharmacology

by Dr. Shorouq Motwani and Dr. Sagar Karia

41. Chronic Mental Illness and Experience of the Richmond Fellowship Programme

by S. Kalyanasundaram, Prathiksha Shukla and Lata Hemchand

42. Innovative Community Mental Health Approaches from Across the Globe

by Pragya Lodha

43. Optimising Patient Care in Psychiatry - Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

by Anweshak Das and Jayashree Das

44. Community Psychiatry - The Argentina Experience

by Eric H. Wainwright and Gustavo E. Tafet

45. Optimising Assessment using the House Tree Person Test

by Pragya Lodha and Avinash De Sousa

46. Challenges in Patient Care in the Aftermath of an Epidemic and Pandemic

by Effrosyni Tsomaka and Konstantinos N. Fountoulakis

47. Optimising Psychiatric Care Using Functional Neuroimaging

by Suvarna Badhe and Avinash De Sousa

48. Personalized psychiatry of psychoneurological diseases: from theory to clinical practice

by Regina F. Nasyrova, Nikolay G. Neznanov, and Natalia A. Shnayder

49. Exploring fNIRS potential as an investigational tool in psychiatry

by Jitender Jakhar ,Debanjan Banerjee, Nand kumar

50. Optimising Patient Care in Psychiatry - Psychosocial Rehabilitation

by Durva Sail, Chitrita Sengupta Chaki, Avinash De Sousa

51. Optimising Patient Care in Psychiatry - Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic

by Karishma Rupani, Sushma Sonavane, Avinash De Sousa


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Dr. Amresh Shrivastava is a professor emeritus of psychiatry at Western University and a scientist of mental health at Lawson Health Research Institute, located in London, Ontario, Canada. His areas of focus include suicide prevention, early intervention and complex mental disorders. He has served as an editor, reviewer and member of the editorial board of psychiatric journals and published original research reviews, book chapters, academic and non-fiction academic books.

Dr Avinash De Sousa is a consultant psychiatrist who is an avid writer and researcher with over 800 papers in national and international journals. He juggles his time between his teaching assignments and private practice and also enjoys being part of new research projects that investigates novel area in psychiatry and psychology.

Dr. Nilesh Shah is the professor and head at the Department of Psychiatry, Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Medical College, Mumbai and is an ardent teacher and researcher and an often-invited speaker and lecturer at various national and international conferences.