2nd Edition

Hands-On Engineering Authentic Learning Experiences That Engage Students in STEM (Grades 4-6)

By Beth L. Andrews Copyright 2019
    216 Pages
    by Prufrock Press

    Hands-On Engineering immerses students in the world of real-life engineers. Through engaging authentic learning experiences, students will create innovative solutions to relevant and timely design and engineering challenges while building STEM skills. This book is packed with activities that can be easily conducted in the classroom using everyday materials and includes everything teachers need to help students think analytically, assess new situations, and solve hands-on, real-world problems. From engaging in practical problem solving and collaboration to employing imagination and perseverance, students will not just learn about engineering—they will be engineers!

    Grades 4-6

    Introduction Challenges Challenge 1: The Good Old-Fashioned Paper Airplane Aerodynamics, Calculating Averages, Measurement Challenge 2: Hammock Among Us Estimation, Analysis, Prediction, Using Natural Resources Challenge 3: Windmills on Your Mind? Wind, Renewable Resources, Capacity, Congruence, Analysis Challenge 4: Will It Go Round in Circles? Geometry, Estimating Measurement, Converting Units of Measurement, Circles Challenge 5: Building Bridges Fundamental Principles of Engineering, Various Bridge Designs Challenge 6: It’s All Downhill From Here Geometry of Circles and Cylinders, Calculating Surface Area, Kinetic Energy, Velocity, Acceleration, Mass, Law of Gravity Challenge 7: Cow-a-Bungee Graphing Lines, Coordinate Planes, Kinetic Energy, Potential Energy, Gravity, Rebound, Carom Challenge 8: Stealthy Design Measurement, Calculating Averages, Radar’s Military Uses, History of Stealth Planes Challenge 9: Whatever Floats Your Boat Calculating Buoyancy and Density, Displacement, Weight Challenge 10: Scrapers in the Sky The Impact of Nature on Design, History of Skyscrapers Challenge 11: Parachute Express Gravity, Air Resistance, Surface Area, Weight, Ratios, History of Parachutes Challenge 12: It’s So Simple Machines Simple Machines, Geometry, Calculating Work Challenge 13: Catapult to the Front of the Line Fulcrum Placement, Effort, Resistance, Work, History of Catapults Challenge 14: Be a Cooper Area, Circumference, Volume, Nets, History of Casks Challenge 15: Whirlybird Liftoff Air Mass, Air Resistance, Lift, Calculating Scale, Physics Concepts Challenge 16: Wheelbarrow Races Work, Force, Simple Machines, Circumference, Measurement Conversion Challenge 17: Kite for a Windy Day Gravity, Lift, Surface Area, Force, History of Kites Challenge 18: Host a Hoist Force, Weight, Work, History of Pulleys Challenge 19: Obstacle Course, of Course Mechanical Force, Potential Energy, Kinetic Energy Challenge 20: Craft a Raft Relationship Between Buoyancy and Density, History of Rafts Challenge 21: CD Car Circumference, Area, Velocity, Mass, Force Challenge 22: It’s Getting Hot in Here Greenhouse Effect, Measuring Temperature, Calculating Volume Challenge 23: The Amazing Trampoline Act Physical Science, Kinetic Energy, Potential Energy, Friction, History of Trampolines Challenge 24: Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah Potential Energy, Kinetic Energy, Gravity, Friction, Calculating Distance, Speed, and Time Challenge 25: Breaking Down Barriers Geometry, History of Battering Rams, Castles, and Walls Challenge 26: World’s Fair Science, Innovation, Identifying Problems and Opportunities, Math, Adapting Concepts to Design Needs References About the Author Common Core State Standards Alignment Next Generation Science Standards Alignment


    Beth L. Andrews has worked with gifted learners in grades 1-7 for over 30 years. During that time, she has served educators of gifted learners as a mentor teacher, a GATE consultant, a coordinator of gifted programs, and an author of curriculum for gifted learners.