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1st Edition

Hands-On Guide to Windows Media

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ISBN 9780240807591
Published November 8, 2005 by Routledge
288 Pages

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Book Description

Hands-On Guide to Windows Media is a practical guide that teaches how to distribute audio and video efficiently and effectively over computer networks.

This book enables you to get up and running quickly and focuses on one of the most popular tools in the streaming media universe, Windows Media. This book will help you to understand the unique characteristics and demands of streaming audio and video information over packet-switched networks. Ideal even for non-technical readers.

Table of Contents

About the Author
Purpose of the Book
Scope of the Book
Who Should Read This Book
Why Streaming Media
The Growth of Streaming Media
Why Windows Media Series
Career Opportunities
Layout and Organization of the Book
Chapter 1: Windows Media Quick Start
Update Your Media Player
Overview of Main Player Features
Get Ready to Encode Your Media File
Install a Windows Media Encoder
Encode Your Media File
Publishing Your Windows Media File
Chapter 2: Streaming Media Basics
Streaming Media Defined
Streaming Fundamentals
The Four Steps of Streaming
Live or On-Demand
Evaluate Your Audience
Evaluate Your Content
Windows Media and Microsoft's Competitors
Relations between the Media Department and the IT Dept.
Chapter 3: Get Ready to Capture Audio and Video
Pre-Production Planning
Audio and Video Inputs
Portable Audio Recorders and Cameras
Support Equipment
A Windows Media Capturing and Encoding Workstation
Chapter 4: Capturing and Encoding Audio and Video
Best Practices for Recording Audio
Best Practices for Recording Video
Best Practices for Capturing Audio and Video
Capturing with Windows Media 9 Capture
Editing with Windows Movie Maker
Chapter 5: Optimizing Your Audio and Video
Optimize Your Audio
Optimize Your Video
Chapter 6: Encoding for Windows Media
Revisit Your Audience Evaluation
Choosing the Right Codec
Encode Audio and Video with Windows Media Encoder
Customize a Windows Media Encoder Session
Windows Media Encoder Utilities
Chapter 7: Getting Ready to Distribute Windows Media Streams
Do You Need a Streaming Server?
Get Ready to Serve Your Streams
Chapter 8: Delivering Windows Media To Your Audience
HTTP Streaming versus "True” Streaming
Install Windows Media Services
Publishing Points
Using Windows Media Services Administrator
Testing and Windows Media Load Simulator
Chapter 9: Get Ready to Webcast Live with Windows Media
Live versus On-Demand
Fundamental Differences between Live and On-Demand
Preparing a Studio for Live Webcasting
Preparing for Remote Live Webcasting
Chapter 10: Encoding and Distributing Live Webcasts
Live Stream Distribution
Using Windows Media Encoder for Live Streaming
Using Windows Media Server for Live Streaming
Creating Rollover Playlists
Chapter 11: Going Beyond the Desktop
Windows Media High-Definition Video
Windows Media on Portable Devices
Windows Media Digital Rights Management
Chapter 12: Advanced Topics
Customizing Windows Media Player
Advanced Testing Techniques
Measuring Success
About the Author

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Joe Follansbee first became passionate for streaming back in 1995, and spent more than five years honing his skills at RealNetworks, the pioneering streaming media company. While there, he managed a quality assurance team for content in RealNetworks' flagship software, RealPlayer. Joe produced and hosted one of the first weekly audio newsletters delivered over the Internet. He has provided technical and logistical support for ABCNews, FOX Television, and MSNBC, as well as helped mom and pop Internet broadcasters put their signals on the Net. He founded a streaming media development company in 2001, and currently works as a freelance writer and consultant.


"This book is a very useful and enlightening hands-on companion for those broadcasters and individuals who use, or plan to use, Windows Media streaming technology." - European Broadcasting Union

"This is part of a hands-on series that serves as a great resource in streaming and digital media-based subjects for industry professionals." - HiTech Review

"Joe Follansbee has written a fun, easy-to-understand book that teaches people about streaming media quickly. If you want to get up and running in a matter of minutes, 'Hands-On Guide to Windows Media' is a great place to start." --Steve Mack, co-author of 'Hands-On Guide to Webcasting'

"This book is a comprehensive and easy to understand book that explains almost everything you ever wanted to know about Windows-based streaming media” - internetvideomag.com October, 2006