Harmonising Rock Engineering and the Environment: 1st Edition (Pack - Book and CD) book cover

Harmonising Rock Engineering and the Environment

1st Edition

Edited by Qihu Qian, Yingxin Zhou

CRC Press

2,048 pages

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Harmonising Rock Mechanics and the Environment comprises the proceedings (invited and contributed papers) of the 12th ISRM International Congress on Rock Mechanics (Beijing, China, 18-21 October 2011). The contributions cover the entire scope of rock mechanics and rock engineering, with an emphasis on the critical role of both disciplines in sustainable development and environmental preservation. The main topics include (but are not limited to):

• Site investigation and field observation.

• Rock material and rock mass properties testing (laboratory and in situ).

• Analysis techniques and design methods, modeling and numerical methods.

• Information system, artificial intelligence and other advanced techniques.

• Rock engineering in hazardous geo-environments.

• Rock breakage and excavation techniques.

• Underground storage of petroleum, gas, CO2, and nuclear waste disposal.

Harmonising Rock Mechanics and the Environment will appeal to professionals, engineers and academics in rock mechanics, rock engineering, tunnelling, mining, earthquake engineering, rock dynamics and geotechnical engineering.

Table of Contents



Müller lecture

From empiricism, through theory, to problem solving in rock engineering, N.R. Barton

Rocha Medal lecture

Reduction of blast-induced vibration in tunnelling using barrier holes and air-deck, D. Park

Invited lectures on ISRM 50th anniversary

Fifty years of the ISRM and associated progress in rock mechanics, E.T. Brown

The next 50 years of the ISRM and anticipated future progress in rock mechanics, J.A. Hudson

New developments of rock engineering and technology in China, Q.H. Qian

Keynote lectures

New rock mechanics developments in China, X.-T. Feng

Rock strength and failure: Some common and uncommon issues, A.J. Gonzalez-Garcia

Discontinuum models for dam foundation failure analysis, J.V. Lemos

Discontinuous deformation analysis: Advances and challenges, G.W. Ma

Synthetic rock mass applications in mass mining, M.E. Pierce & C. Fairhurst

How to select rock mass parameters for analysis and design, T. Ramamurthy &A. Ghazvinian

Risk oriented design and construction of tunnels, W. Schubert

Support of excavations subjected to dynamic (rockburst) loading, T.R. Stacey

Advances in rock dynamics modelling, testing and engineering, J. Zhao, Y.X. Zhou & K.W. Xia

Analysis and design methods

Mine-by experiment performed in the Callovo-Oxfordian claystone at the Meuse Haute Marne underground research laboratory (France), G. Armand, A. Noiret, M. Cruchaudet & N. Conil

Burgers rock creep around axisymmetric tunnels, S.D. Athanasopoulos, P.P. Nomikos &A.I. Sofianos

Multi-parameter responses of soft rocks during deformation and fracturing and their implications in geomechanics and geoengineering, Ö. Aydan, Y. Ohta & H. Tano

Fractal approach to determine rock mass strength and deformation, M.N. Bagde, A.K. Raina, P.B. Choudhury &A. Sinha

A theoretical analysis of core extrusion and squeezing behaviour in tunnelling, L. Cantieni, G. Anagnostou & R. Hug

Applications of strain based damage criterion in geotechnical engineering, Y. Chang

Solving some problems of geomechanics on the base of defining relations of post-limit deformation of rocks, A.I. Chanyshev, I.M. Abdulin & O.E. Belousova

The structural geology contribution to rock mechanics modelling and rock engineering design, J.W. Cosgrove & J.A. Hudson

Rock mass instability caused by incipient block rotation, A.V. Dyskin & E. Pasternak

Attempt to advanced observational construction considering predictive analysis of long-term deformation, T. Fukuda, T. Takahashi, H. Yamada &Y. Jiang

Vector sum method: A new method for anti-sliding stability analysis, X.R. Ge

Design of a railway tunnel parallel to an existing tunnel, R.K. Goel, A. Swarup, R.K. Dayal &V. Bhardwaj

Shear failure mechanism in oil wells due to reservoir compaction “A case study in Gachsaran formation, Iran”, M. Gorjian, M. Moosavi, H. Memarian & H. Ajamzadeh

Fractal analysis on the fracture development of sandstone using AE measurement, Z.Y. Yang, T.H. Huang, Y.X. Zhao & M.C. Tsai

Static and dynamic response analyses of rock mass considering joint distribution and its applicability, N. Iwata, T. Sasaki, & R. Yoshinaka

Numerical study on zonal disintegration of rock mass around deep underground openings, P. Jia, C.A. Tang &Y.B. Zhang

The secondary lining design of subsea tunnel due to water inflow, K.-S. Joo, Y.-H. Suh, K.-H. Park, D.-H. Huh, E.-J. Hong, S.-J. Moon & S.-C. Lee

An assessment of rock pillar considering excavation damaged rock zone, W.-B. Kim, T. Ha & H. Yang

Response of granite under strain controlled loading and effect of support system on behaviour of large underground cavern, Rakesh Kumar, K.G. Sharma &A. Varadarajan

Determination of backfill requirements in multi-reef mining using numerical modelling, K.B. Le Bron & R.A. Johnson

Comparisons between two empirical yield criteria for rock masses, A.J. Li & R.S. Merifield

Buckling failure of highly-stressed hard rocks surrounding deep underground openings and confining effects of backfilling material, D.Y. Li, X.B. Li, Z.X. Liu, C.D. Ma & L.N.Y.Wong

Bemposta II powerhouse shaft: Geotechnical characterization, design and construction, C. Lima, E. Resende, C. Esteves & J. Neves

Initiation and evolution of failure zones in the vicinity of heterogeneities in rock masses: Seismology and deep oil well stability problems, L.A. Nazarova, L.A. Nazarov, M.I. Epov & I.N. Eltsov

Monitoring of cracks opening in the walls of deep pits, V. Oparin &V. Vostrikov

Mine plug design for the San Genaro Ramp, A.A. Samaniego & R.L. Cabrera

A case study of alteration effects in granitic rocks on rock cavern stability at Jinzhou of NE China, Y.J. Shang &Y.Y. Shi

Design of tunnels in jointed rock on the basis of mechanical models and classification systems, R. Sommer &W.Wittke

A study on mechanical behaviors of concrete lining and rock caused by shaft sinking at the Horonobe underground research laboratory, K. Tsusaka, D. Inagaki, M. Koike, Y. Ijiri &Y. Hatsuyama

Use of rock mass classifications for design: Recommendations and suggestions, C. Vibert & P. Vaskou

Analysis to the design factors of the diversion tunnel plug based on additional rock elastic resistance, K.Wang, M.J. Zhao & X. Sun

The influence of bedding angle on failure mechanisms in sandstone, P.L.P.Wasantha, P.G. Ranjith, D.R. Viete, A. Haque, J. Kodikara &A. Bouazza

Estimating the porosity-depth relation of sedimentary rocks from an effective stress/stress history-dependent porosity model, W.-J.Wu, J.-J. Dong, J.-H.Wu & S.-S. Lin

Experimental study on constitutive models of rocks under loading with active confining pressure, J.Y. Xu, J.Z. Liu, X.C.C. Lv, Z.D.Wang & E.L. Bai

Global stability analytical method of cavern group in salt rock based on energy criterion, Q. Yang, J.Q. Deng, Q.C. Lu &Y.R. Liu

Analytical study on underground continuous impervious curtain for shaft lining treatment at eastern Chinese coal mines, Q. Yu, H. Shimada, T. Sasaoka & K. Matsui

Back-analysis of schistose rock mass strength parameters based on displacement monitoring data, X.P. Zhang, L.N.Y.Wong & S.J.Wang

Different analytical models and methods to study wave propagation across rock joints, J.B. Zhu,W.Wu & J. Zhao

Numerical modelling

Coupled flow-deformation simulation for mine scale analysis of cave initiation and propagation, D.A. Beck & G. Putzar

A numerical analysis of a four-way coal mine intersection with primary and secondary supports, Y.P. Chugh & B. Abbasi

3-D modeling and parameters research of irregular shape particles for DEM based on computerized tomography, X. Du, Y.W. Zeng, R. Gao & J. Yan

Three-dimensional thermomechanical modelling of backfilling of old mining rooms in the Morsleben repository, S. Fahland, R. Eickemeier & St. Heusermann

Development of a non-contact survey method of tunnel excavation face for DEM modelling, A.M. Ferrero, G.F. Forlani, R. Migliazza & R. Roncella

Numerical simulation of crack propagation in rock by clumped particle model, T. Funatsu & N. Shimizu

Stability modelling of isolated rock blocks at the surface of underground excavations taking into account in-situ stresses, R. Ghazal, F. Hadj-Hassen & M. Tijani

Back analysis of tunnel response using the Differential Evolution Genetic Algorithm (DEGA), M. Gutierrez, S. Vardakos & C. Xia

The assessment of the hydro-jacking risk of the pressurized water tunnel by theoretical and numerical method, T.W. Ha, Y.W. Shin, H.G. Lee & H.S. Yang

Dynamic analysis of rock tunnnel failure by using 3-D Numerical Manifold Method, L. He, X. Huang & G.W. Ma

Thermomechanical modelling of the Gorleben exploration site to analyse the integrity of the salt barrier, St. Heusermann, P. Vogel, R. Eickemeier & H.-K. Nipp

Response of nuclear waste repository host rock to thermo-mechanical loads, H. Hökmark & M. Lönnqvist

Mixed complementary formulation of discontinuous deformation analysis and solution, W. Jiang & H. Zheng

X-ray CT technology-based finite element simulation of coal samples under uniaxial compression, Y.D. Jiang,W.J.Wang, Y.X. Zhao, L. Zhang & J.L. Han

Pumping simulations using 3D analysis on multi-pumping wells, T. Kitaoka, H. Kusumi & M. Nakamura

Abutment stability assessment of the Hongrin arch dam using 3D distinct element method, A. Koliji, T. Bussard, A.Wohnlich & J. Zhao

Development of numerical model for grout injection and its application to the real in-situ injection tests, T. Koyama, Y. Ohnishi, K. Takahashi, A. Kobayashi &T. Katayama

Modelling the evolution of fractures using a combined FEM-DEM numerical method, J.-P. Latham, L. Guo, X.Wang & J. Xiang

A constitutive contact law for discrete element modeling of sandstone, L. Li

Numerical modeling of rock cutting, J.-S. Lin, J.A. Mendoza, M.C. Jaime, Y. Zhou, J. Brown, I.K. Gamwo &W. Zhang

Strength symmetry with respect to the stress state imposed by Mogi’s theory against long-prevailing observations, X.D. Ma & R.J. Rodriguez

Scale effects in a synthetic rock mass, C.D. Martin, Y. Lu & H. Lan

2D-/3D-stress analysis of deep-seated gold mines in South Africa, F. Menschik, K. Thuro, H. Käsling & M. Bayerl

Numerical modeling for the evaluation of grout penetration in fractured rock masses, Y. Mito, M. Ashraf &T. Yamamoto

Numerical method for determining contact areas of a rock joint under shear load, J.-W. Park, Y.-K. Lee & J.-J. Song

Approximate methods in numerical rock mechanics modelling, J.J. Peura, J.P. Pöllä & I. Konstantas

Hydromechanical modeling of an underground excavation with an elastoviscoplastic behavior law and regularization, R. Plassart, R. Fernandes, F. Laigle, A. Giraud & D. Hoxha

Implementation of ANN-based rock failure criteria in numerical simulations, H. Rafiai &A. Jafari

Stochastic model generation for discontinuous rock mass media and numerical analysis using the NSCD method (case study: Saint-Béat gallery in the southwest of France), A. Rafiee, M. Gasc-Barbier & M. Vinches

Rock fracture propagation from mechanical, thermal and hydraulic loadings, M. Rinne, B. Shen & O. Stephansson

Meshless simulation of rock mechanics problems by Element Free Galerkin Method, H. Salari-Rad & M. Rahimi Dizadji

Applications of two dimensional discontinuous deformation analysis, G.H. Shi

Stochastic boundary element method for fracture reliability analysis, K.J. Shou & H.Y. Yu

Numerical anisotropic fracture mechanics modelling in crystalline rock, T. Siren, K. Kemppainen, B. Shen & M. Rinne

Contact description in numerical simulation for rock mechanics, L. Sun, J. Zhao & G.F. Zhao

Numerical investigation of the potential applicability of surface deformation measurement by InSAR technology for monitoring CO2 behavior in deep underground, H. Yamamoto, T. Onuma, T. Kumagai & J. Rutqvist

An introduction to Distinct Lattice Spring Model (DLSM), G.F. Zhao, N. Khalili & J. Zhao

A discussion about boundary conditions in numerical simulation and its application in mining-induced rock mass movement, H.J. Zhao, F.S. Ma, Y.M. Zhang, J. Guo &A.H.Wei

Theoretical and experimental modeling of material hardening and softening by compression tests, V.M. Zhigalkin, V.N. Semyonov, O.M. Usoltseva, P.A. Tsoi, A.I. Chanyshev & I.L. Abdulin

Multiple scale numerical modeling of growth process of multiple cracks in rock mass, X.P. Zhou, H.Q. Yang &Y.X. Zhang

Laboratory testing and rock properties

Mechanical behavior of Callovo-Oxfordian claystone-steel interfaces at high levels of normal stress in “dry” and “wet” conditions, M. Boulon, M. Keshavarz, G. Armand, N. Conil & F.L. Pellet

Microcrack growth in granite during fatigue process, Y. Chen, A. Yamazaki, H. Kusuda, E. Kusaka & M. Mabuchi

An experimental study on deformation and strength anisotropy of transversely isotropic rocks in Korea, J.-W. Cho, H. Kim, S. Jeon & K.-B. Min

Mechanical rock properties prediction: Deriving rock strength and compressibility from petrophysical properties, B. Crawford, B. Alramahi, P. Gaillot, P. Sanz & N. DeDontney

Behaviour of carbonated rocks under true triaxial compression, F. Descamps, J.-P. Tshibangu, M. Ramos da Silva, C. Schroeder & J.-C. Verbrugge

Mechanical rehearsals in special slate schists to potentiate constructive solutions of structures with great slenderness, L.M. Ferreira Gomes, C.R.V. Batalha, P. Gabriel de Almeida, L.J. Andrade Pais & E. Mendes

An appraisal and modification of Ramamurthy criterion on anisotropic rocks, A. Ghazvinian, M.R. Hadei, H.R. Nejati &V. Sarfarazi

Effects of fracture size and normal stress on the shear behavior of a fracture as estimated by mortar replica, A.A. Giwelli, K. Matsuki, K. Sakaguchi, A. Kizaki, H. Sekino & K. Okatsu

Study of the short and long-term brittle behavior of a porous rock with continuous monitoring of (P- and S-) wave velocities under different hydrous conditions, D. Grgic, D. Hoxha & J. Eslami

The effect of certain chemical solutions on some material properties of clay bearing rocks, P. Hagan, S. Saydam, E. Elias, L. Deramore Denver & B. Hebblewhite

Creep test of tuff for over thirteen years and its know-how, K. Hashiba, S. Okubo & K. Fukui

Macro-fracture characteristics of granite in different boundary conditions, M.C. He,W. Nie, Z.Y. Zhao & C. Cheng

Experimental analysis of deformation mechanisms induced by desiccation in Tournemire argillites using DIC method, S. Hedan, P. Cosenza, V. Valle, A.L. Fauchille, P. Dudoignon & J. Cabrera

Radiology of Canarian volcanic rocks, L.E. Hernández, A. Eff-Darwich, R. Viñas & J.A. Rodríguez-Losada

A new laboratory test for shear fracture formation and its permeability measurement, T. Ito, T. Shono, K. Sekine & K. Yamamoto

Direct shear and tensile test on cemented healed joints from El Teniente mine, Chile, L. Jacobsson, M. Flansbjer, A. Brzovic & C. de los Santos

Rheological behavior of sandstone under unloading, Y.Z. Jiang & R.H.Wang

Strength evaluation of discontinuous rock mass by multi-scale limit load analysis, J. Jung, J. Kato, K. Terada &T. Kyoya

Estimation of fracture toughness of anisotropic rocks by SCB test and visualization of fracture by means of X-ray CT, M. Kataoka, Y. Obara & M. Kuruppu

Laboratory measurement of poroelastic and hydraulic constants of sedimentary rocks focused on pore water discharge from specimen with its deformation, M. Kato, H. Park, M. Takahashi & K. Kaneko

Relationship between point load strength and uniaxial compressive strength of hydrothermally altered soft rocks, M. Kohno & H. Maeda

Study on the dilatancy angle of rocks in the pre-failure domain, M. Kwa´sniewski & P. Rodríguez-Oitabén

The thermal and mechanical properties around an underground research tunnel in granite body, S. Kwon, J.S. Kim, C.S. Lee &W.J. Cho

Shear behavior model of rock joints applicable to CNL and CNS conditions, Y.-K. Lee, J.-W. Park & J.-J. Song

Evaluation of shear velocity dependency of rock fractures by using repeated shear tests, B. Li, Y. Jiang & G.Wang

An elastic-plastic-brittle constitutive model of rocks and its numerical validation, Q. Li, D.G.Wang, J.H. Xiong & L. Song

Drilling geological strength index in altered gneiss, D.M. Lin, Y.J. Shang &W. Zhang

Investigation on mechanical parameters of water-rock interaction, Y. Lu &T. Lu

Surface roughness measurements using three-dimensional laser imaging, J. Mah, C. Samson & S.D. McKinnon

Understanding failure mode in uniaxial and triaxial compression for a hard brittle rock, V.B. Maji

The mechanical properties of CO2-saturated coal specimens, M. Masoudian-Saadabad, D.W. Airey, A. Gainey, T. Morris & J. Berger

Analysis of uniaxial tensile fracture of monomineral polycrystalline rock based on intergranular cracking, K. Matsuki, Y. Karino, K. Sakaguchi &A. Kizaki

Determination of a correlation between intact rock unconfined compressive strength and index parameters, H.J. Mendieta

Experimental research on the electrical parameters of coal mass under load, L. Meng, M.J. Liu, Y.D. Jiang, Y.X. Zhao &Y.G.Wang

Creep property of artificial methane-hydrate-bearing rock, K. Miyazaki, Y. Sakamoto, K. Aoki, N. Tenma, T. Yamaguchi & S. Okubo

An investigation of brittle rocks failure mechanism based on the damage mechanics, H. Molladavoodi &A. Mortazavi

Influence of humidity and rock fabric on subcritical crack growth in rock, Y. Nara, K. Kaneko, T. Yoneda, N. Hiroyoshi & K. Morimoto

Estimating the basic friction angle of a very strong meta-sandstone for rockfill strength prediction, D.J.M. Ngan-Tillard &A. Mulder

Application of pattern recognition analysis of rock acoustic emission for determination of Kaiser Effect, M. Nikkhah, M. Ahmadi &A. Ghazvinian

Acoustic emission of Dionysos marble specimens in uniaxial compression, P.P. Nomikos, K.M. Sakkas &A.I. Sofianos

An elaborative evaluation of various methods for simultaneous estimation of uniaxial compressive strength and elasticity modulus of intact rocks, R. Noorani & M. Hesami

Drying-induced deformation and consequent change in mechanical properties of sedimentary rocks, M. Osada, N.M. Adikaram &T.N. Illankoon

Assessment of clay minerals around fault using slake durability test and reflectance spectroscopy, C.-S. Park, C.-U. Hyun & H.-D. Park

Relation between mechanical properties of rock and sedimentary structure, H. Park & M. Takahashi

Estimation of uniaxial compressive strength of weak rocks using needle penetrometer, Y.-H. Park, Y. Obara, & S.-S. Kang

Testing of fiber reinforced sprayed concrete – influences on the energy absorption capacity, G. Pittino &Y. Bian

A comparative study of mi, the Hoek-Brown constant for intact rock material, S.A.L. Read & L. Richards

Inconsistencies in the determination of the compressive strength of intact rock, M. Romana

Effect of heat on the mechanical properties of selected rock types – a laboratory study, C. Saiang & K. Miskovsky

Weathering mechanisms and mechanical property changes of Oya tuff, T. Seiki, A. Satoh & K. Kikuchi

Relationship between the rupture modulus and the flexural strength of building and decorative stones of Iran, K. Shahriar, M.S. Dehkordi & H.A. Lazemi

Shear behavior of rock under different normal stiffness, A.K. Shrivastava, K.S. Rao & G.W. Rathod

On the reliability of the uniaxial compressive strength obtained from the point load index, L.O. Suarez-Burgoa

Preliminary laboratory thermo-hydro-mechanical characterization of Opalinus clay, A.M. Tang &Y.J. Cui

Experimental evidences of dramatic embrittlement of hard rocks due to rising confining pressure at triaxial compression, B.G. Tarasov

Method of determination of orthotropy ratio and principal material direction for orthotropic rock material with diametrical compression test, T. Tsutsumi

Influence of confinement dependent failure processes on rock mass strength at depth, B. Valley, B.-H. Kim, F.T. Suorineni, N. Bahrani, R.P. Bewick & P.K. Kaiser

Nondestructive evaluation of granite building stones and relation with key mechanical parameters, G. Vasconcelos, C.A.S. Alves &T. Miranda

Relation between tensile and compressive engineering properties of granites, G. Vasconcelos, P.B. Lourenço, C.A.S. Alves, J. Pamplona &T. Miranda

Modeling the deformation behavior of sandstone using a bonded-particle model, M.-C.Weng, H.-H. Lee, S.-S. Zhang & F.-S. Jeng

Initiation and propagation of tensile wing cracks and anti-wing cracks from a pre-existing open flaw under compression, L.N.Y.Wong & H.Q. Li

Physico-mechanical and thermo-mechanical characterisation of sandstone, G.Wu, Y.Wang, G. Swift & J. Chen

Development of experimental technique on seismic response of rock joints, W.Wu, J.B. Zhu, Q.B. Zhang, J.F. Mathier & J.P. Dudt

Mechanical properties of freeze-thaw and damage propagation law for rock, G.S. Yang & H.M. Zhang

Experimental study on crack coalescence mechanism of granite specimens containing two surface cracks, P. Yin, R.H.C.Wong & K.T. Chau

Simulation of laboratory tested bolted rock beams, P. Yiouta-Mitra, N. Halakatevakis &A.I. Sofianos

Empirical failure criterion for biaxially loaded granite, X. Yun, H.S. Mitri & X. Yang

Experimental and numerical research on crack propagation in rock under uniaxial compression, K. Zhang, Q. Yang, J.C. Jiang & S.B. Tian

Investigation on the failure features of coal under uniaxial loading condition by Micro X-ray Computed Tomography, Y.X. Zhao, Y.D. Jiang,W.F. Zhao &T.Wang

Field measurements and site investigations

A new method for visualizing stresses in rock support measures by using a light emitting sensor, S. Akutagawa, Y. Minami, H. Yamachi, T. Haba, T. Hiroshima &T. Nozawa

Microseismic monitoring strategy as a key component of post-mining risk management: Review and feedback experience over the past decade, P. Bigarré, M. Bennani, I. Contrucci, E. Klein, H. Baroudi, R. Hadadou, I. Vuidart & J.P. Josien

Factors dominating deterioration of clastic sedimentary rocks, P.-C. Chan, S.-J. Lyu, T.-T.Wang, F.-S. Jeng &T.-H. Ueng

Image analysis system for areal measurement to preserve historic masonry wall, Japan, H. Chikahisa, R. Ohta, T. Kawahara, N. Kitayama &Y. Okamoto

Property evaluation of beachrock based on field investigation in Okinawa Island, Japan, T. Danjo & S. Kawasaki

An engineering view of the seismic prediction during tunneling, T. Dickmann & F. Pittard

Application of acoustic emission measurement on assessment of loosened zone around underground cavern, L. Fan, H.M. Zhou, Y.H. Zhang & Z.W. Zhong

Investigation of 3D terrestrial laser scanning techniques for potential application to rock mechanics, Q. Feng, G.Wang & K. Röshoff

Interpretation of rock mass deformability measurements using large flat jack tests, B. Figueiredo, F. Bernardo, L. Lamas & J. Muralha

Abandoned roadways aged up to 50 years observed in Kushiro Coal Mine, Japan, Y. Fujii, T. Sugawara, J. Kodama, Y. Ishijima, T. Kiyama, M. Takada, Y. Ichihara, S. Kumakura, T. Narita, M. Sawada & E. Nakata

The role of instrumentation and monitoring system on the stability of a slope, M. Gharouni Nik

Determination of mechanical properties of a large deformation zone, R. Glamheden, I. Olofsson &A. Fredriksson

Spalling in a field experiment of heated boreholes in hard rock, R. Glamheden, B. Fälth & R. Christiansson

About the determination of the joint set intensity, N.F. Grossmann

Determination of in-situ stress orientation by thermally induced spalling, E. Hakami & R. Christiansson

Site investigation in volcanic rock mass for building projects, L.E. Hernández, M.J. Pomares, J.A. Rodríguez-Losada, A. Eff-Darwich & C. Olalla

Prediction of rock mass along tunnels by geostatistical method, K. Kaewkongkaew, N. Phien-wej & D. Kham-ai

Developing in situ stresses estimation algorithm using a hybrid numerical method based on local stress measurement-case study: Seymare dam, K. Shahriar, M. Gharouni Nik & Z. Khademian

In situ stress determination by hydro jacking tests on fractured rock mass, M.A. Kanji

A case study on in situ testing of rock mass deformability, B. Kavur, N. Stambuk Cvitanovic & I. Vrkljan

In situ rock stress-strength comparison: Posiva’s Olkiluoto Spalling Experiment (POSE), K. Kemppainen, M. Hakala, E. Johansson, H. Kuula & J.A. Hudson

Comparison of monitoring items for hazardous ground in subsea tunnels, H. Kim & S. Jeon

Determination of principal stress orientations from wireline logging caliper data and borehole images in deep drilling, W. Lin

Experimental and numerical analysis of rock block stability using a remotely positioned laser Doppler vibrometer, G.C. Ma, K. Sawada, A. Yashima, F. Uehan, O. Murata, H. Saito &Y. Ootsuka

Investigation of spalling failure at Nayriz Marble Mine (Iran), M. Moosavi, H.M. Doghozlo, M. Goodarzi, N. Ghavami & F. Moosavi

Geotechnical and monitoring challenges during excavation of a large urban tunnel in soft ground and low overburden, B. Moritz, R. Matt & R. Heissenberger

A study of the compound evaluation for geophysical explorations by self-organizing maps, M. Nakamura, H. Kusumi, T. Yamamoto &T. Tsuji

Measurement of exterior deformation of an earth-filled dam using GPS displacement monitoring system, S. Nakashima, H. Kawasaki, N. Shimizu, S. Kubota &T. Nakano

An innovative method to determine the indirect deformation modulus of rock masses in Asmari formation of Iran, A. Noorzad, K. Ahangari &A. Haghnejad

Measurement of rock stress change by Cross-sectional Borehole Deformation Method (CBDM), Y. Obara, Y. Fukushima, T. Yoshinaga, T. Shin, M. Ujihara, S. Kimura &T. Yokoyama

Rock investigations for the construction of railway tunnel through Slovenian Karst, B. Petkovšek, J. Prestor &A. Geršak

In-situ test program for fault zone characterization, T. Pilgerstorfer &W. Schubert

Geological origin and stability analysis of the Suoduoxi accumulation body in the upper reaches of the Jinsha River, A.W. Ren, X.G.Wang, Z.X. Jia, Y.J.Wang & Q.W. Duan

In situ rock stress measurement using an improved Downward Compact Conical-ended Borehole Overcoring technique, K. Sakaguchi, A. Kizaki & K. Matsuki

Laser scanning images analysis for tunnel inspection, F. Sandrone & R.Wissler

Numerical simulations of hydraulic fracture intersecting an interbed of sandstone, M. Sarmadivaleh, V. Rasouli &W. Ramses

GPS displacement monitoring system for the precise measuring of rock movements, N. Shimizu, T. Masunari &T. Iwasaki

A study on prediction of squeezing and rockburst based on surface exploration for selection of HLW disposal site in Japan, K. Shin, M. Sawada, Y. Inohara, T. Shidahara, T. Hatano, S. Arai &T. Miwa

Evaluation of stresses based on overburden and in-situ measurements, R. Singh

Stress parameter analysis in hydraulic fracturing with open fracture pattern, J.-H. Synn, Chan Park, Chulwhan Park & K.-S. Kim

Nanoseismic monitoring of shallow caverns for detection of incipient failures, M. Tsesarsky & G.H.Wust-Bloch

The stability of an underground congress center in soft tuffs through an integrated in-situ monitoring, experimental, analytical and numerical methods (Cappadocia, Turkey), R. Ulusay, Ö. Aydan, M. Genis˛& H.Tano

Evaluation study of nozzle design selection for hydraulic fracturing test on concrete, limestone and andesite with triaxial loading at the laboratory, R.K.Wattimena, S. Kramadibrata, N.P.Widodo & R.K. Uripto

Seismic imaging of stressed pillars in abandoned coal mines: Case studies from Australia, R.J. Whiteley

Dynamics and blasting

Damping analysis with depth and influence of geology on the transmission of vibrations generated by blasts, M.I. Alvarez-Fernandez, C. Gonzalez-Nicieza &A.E. Alvarez-Vigil

Comparison of blast-induced ground vibration predictors in Seyitomer coal mine, E. Arpaz, Ö. Uysal, Y. Tola, K. Görgülü & M. Çavu¸s

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