1st Edition

Harnessing Digital Disruption How Companies Win with Design Thinking, Agile, and Lean Startup

By Pascal Dennis, Laurent Simon Copyright 2021
    234 Pages
    by Productivity Press

    234 Pages
    by Productivity Press

    Our world has changed, probably for good. Until now, the shift from brick-and-mortar to the smartphone has been about service, cost, and convenience. Now, it's also a matter of public health. How do we win this uncertain new game? How do we prosper in a digital world?

    In a cool, readable style Harnessing Digital Disruption: How Companies Win with Design Thinking, Agile, and Lean Startup tells the story of a major multi-national organization facing digital disruption and looming irrelevance. In a compelling novel format, the book demonstrates how to harness the power of digital technology, methods and thinking on the path to revival and prosperity. It illustrates the situations, characters, and blockers you’ll likely face as you progress through your journey.

    The setting is Singapore and the heady world of international banking, but the prescription, methods and lessons apply equally to manufacturers, utilities, hospitals, insurers, and government agencies. You will learn how to:

    · Develop your Digital Transformation strategy and Innovation Portfolio
    · Reform customer journeys, launch new digital offerings, and validate new beta businesses
    · Develop senior leader digital literacy, and understanding of growth leadership
    · De-risk your journey using a proven overall approach based on proven principles
    · Cultivate a network of pragmatic entrepreneurs practicing a structured scalable innovation process



    Main characters: Asia-Pacific Bank’s organization chart

    Chapter 1. The Elephant and the Greyhounds

    "Asia Pacific Bank (APB) is slow, unreliable and expensive…"

    Chapter 2. Mapping Client Journeys to Grasp the Real Situation

    Learning to see ‘outside-in’

    Chapter 3. Understanding Our Blockers

    Problems are gold

    Chapter 4. Finding True North with Our Digital Strategy Compass

    What’s our Aspiration and winning logic?

    Chapter 5. Fostering Innovation in a Risk-Averse Culture

    What’s the journey like and where do we start?

    Chapter 6. Embracing New Ways of Working

    Hackers, hipsters and hustlers working together - setting up APB’s innovation platform

    Chapter 7. Launching Our First Wave Innovation Projects

    Core Business Improvement: Bringing Tech and Operations Together


    Chapter 8. Launching Our Second Wave Innovation Projects

    New Digital Offerings: End–to-end flow and commercial pilots

    Chapter 9. Year-End Review at Asia Pacific Bank

    The empire strikes back

    Chapter 10. How Do We Scale Our Transformation?

    Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die

    Chapter 11. New Digital Ventures

    Retrospective - What have we achieved, what have we learned, and what’s next?

    Appendix A – Singapore Places Featured in Harnessing Digital Disruption

    Appendix B – List of figures



    Pascal Dennis is a professional engineer, author and executive coach.

    Pascal is the President of Lean Pathways and co-founder of Digital Pathways, a firm focused on harnessing technology to enable Digital Transformation.

    Since 2000 Pascal and his team have supported leading international firms in a broad range of industries including automotive, aerospace, consumer goods, energy, health care and financial services.

    He has authored six books and is a four-time winner of the Shingo Prize for Excellence. Pascal plays guitar and piano and is a dedicated songwriter and performer. He lives in Toronto with his wife Pamela.



    Laurent Simon is one the leaders of Datacom’s Advisory and the co-founder of Digital Pathways.

    Laurent is a recognised thought leader in Agile Transformation and Digital Innovation.

    Since 2003, Laurent and his team have supported Financial Institutions, ICT fi rms and Government Agencies in 1) Protecting their core business with better digital experiences, 2) Igniting new sources of growth with new digital offerings or ventures.

    Active contributor to the APAC startup ecosystem, he runs www.FutureFinTech.io, the Open Collaboration platform hosted by INSEAD business school.

    Laurent loves anything outdoors: hiking, sailing, skydiving, skiing, rafting... After six years in Singapore, he now lives in Auckland with his wife Eiko-san.



    With this crisp and easy-to-read book, Pascal and Laurent have captured the essence of a successful Digital transformation.

    • Paul Cobban, Chief Transformation Officer @ DBS Bank


    I really enjoyed the business novel format and the great illustrations.

    • Reuben Athaide, Head DevOps and Cloud Transformation, Standard Chartered Bank


    …the tools and techniques that enable traditional companies reinvent themselves.

    • Michelle Van Staden, Agile Transformation Leader, Nedbank


    A different kind of book: I couldn’t put it down.

    • Victoria Thompson, Founding member of the London Blockchain Foundation


    Full of practical insights, this book a must-read.

    • Harry Zechman, Chief Operating Officer, Stoner Chemical