1st Edition

Harry Partch An Anthology of Critical Perspectives

Edited By David Dunn Copyright 2000

    This anthology of writings about the American experimental composer Harry Partch is the most comprehensive collection of commentaries about the composer and his work ever assembled. Eleven major figures of contemporary music voice their views on Partch (1901-1974) and his radical contributions to twentieth-century music. These include composers and theorists who worked closely with him and important comments from his contemporaries and musical inheritors.

    Introduction to the Series, Acknowledgments, List of Plates, Preface, Introduction: Reflections, Memories and Other Voices, Part One: Sound-Magic, 1. The Rhythmic Motivations of Castor and Pollux and Even Wild Horses, 2. A Word or Two on the Tuning of Harry Partch, 3. Harry Partch's Cloud Chamber Music, 4. Daphne of the Dunes: The Relationship of Drama and Music, 5. A Text on the Music of Harry Partch taken from Notes and Commentaries on Notes made during and after Auditions of the Music of Harry Partch, 6. Harry Partch: Verses in Preparation for Delusion of the Fury Paul Earls, Part Two: Visual Beauty, Part Three: Experience-Ritual, 7. Further Memories and Reflections, 8. "I do not quite Understand you, Socrates", 9. Beyond Harry Partch, 10. In Search of Partch's Bewitched. Part One: Concerning Physicality, 11. The Umbilical Cord Still Vibrates, Notes on Contributors, Index


    David Dunn