1st Edition

Hatreds Racialized and Sexualized Conflicts in the 21st Century

By Zillah Eisenstein Copyright 1996

    Eisenstein tracks developments such as racialized ethnic and gender conflict; the new male democracies of eastern Europe; the new Democrats of the Clinton era - exploring the `politics of hate'.

    In HATREDS, Zillah Eisenstein charts the plural politics of the twenty-first century, which she defines as having begun with the fall of communism and the gulf war. Exploring the politics of hate on both global and local levels, Eisenstein tracks developments such as racialized ethnic and gender conflict, the new male democracies of eastern Europe and the new Democrats of the Clinton era, the sexual exploitation of the west and the sexual violence of nationalisms, and the importance of western feminisms' promissory standpoint of freedom to women in the third world.

    Introduction; Part I Domination/Subordination; Chapter 1 Writing Hatred on the Body; Chapter 2 Writing Bodies on the Nation; Chapter 3 Writing Multiculturalism for the Globe; Chapter 4 Writing the Globe on the Nation; Part II Beyond Nations; Chapter 5 Feminism of the North and West for Export; Chapter 6 Feminism of the Global South and East;


    Zillah Eisenstein is a Professor of Politics at Ithaca College. A feminist activist and scholar for over twenty years, she is the author of Radical Future of Liberal Feminism, The Female Body and the Law and The Color of Gender.

    "In HATREDS, Zillah Eisenstein turns her astute, carefully researched and deeply ethical attention to the consolidation and rupturing of the borders of race-and-gender marked bodies, nations, economies, and geographies. A profoundly incisive feminist analysis which maps and makes sense of the challenges of the 21st century." -- Chandra Talpade Mohanty, Hamilton College
    "Eisentstein has lost none of her unerring knack of identifying a topic of central relevance to feminist scholarship and the finding a new and thought-provoking angle to it." -- Atlantis