1st Edition

Hausa Tales and Traditions Being a translation of Frank Edgar's Tatsuniyoyi Na Hausa

Edited By Neil Skinner Copyright 1969
    475 Pages
    by Routledge

    474 Pages
    by Routledge

    First Published in 1969. This is a translation from Hausa of Frank Edgar’s three volumes of his African folktale, Tatsunijoyi Na Hausa, his major work. The Hausa whose folklore Edgar recorded so industriously are the largest ethnic group in Northern Nigeria and number many millions.

    Part 1 Mainly animals: spider hare; jackal; lion; cat; goat; hyena; a miscellany. Part 2 Caricatures - ethnic and other stereotypes: Maguje; Fulani; Gwari; the Kano man; Sokoto men; Kanuri; Tuareg and Buzu; Nupe; stupid country folk; the Malam; the barber; all Hausas. Part 3 Moralizing: women; poverty; gratitude; the will of God; miscellaneous morals. Part 4 Men and women young men and maidens. Part 5 Dilemma tales. Part 6 Cases at law.


    Neil Skinner University of California, Los Angeles.