1st Edition

Have Some Sums to Solve The Compleat Alphametics Book

By Steven Kahan Copyright 1978
    132 Pages
    by Routledge

    128 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book presents a challenging diversion to mathematics enthusiasts. Divided into three sections, the author gives some historical notes, a step-by-step solution of a sample alphametic, and some general hints on the solution of alphametics. The Puzzle Section contains both the ideal doubly-true type of alphametic and the narrative type presented in the context of a brain-teaser. Directed Approach Section provides instructions to help find the solutions of every alphametic in the book. Solution Section gives the solution to each and every alphametic and answers questions raised in the narrative examples. Problems vary in degree of difficulty to tease even an expert.

    narrative alphametics
     one good turn
     basic training
     prime time
     what next?
     watch your step
     an age-old question
     three in a row
     flower power
     under investigation
     two way street
     passing the buck
     have no fear
     know your place
     it's hard to say
     to a tee
     check the check
     unit pricing
     fair and square
     famous last words

     ideal doubly-true alphametics
     idt 1
     idt 2
     idt 3
     idt 4
     idt 5
     idt 6
     idt 7
     idt 8
     idt 9
     idt 10
     idt 11
     idt 12
     idt 13
     idt 14
     idt 15
     idt 16
     idt 17
     idt 18
     idt 19
     idt 20

     "flabbergasting facts" are located on the following pages:
     11, 21, 23,
     27, 29, 33,
     37, 43, 63.

     solutions chart 



    Steven Kahan