1st Edition

Healing Images The Role of Imagination in Health

By Anees Ahmad Sheikh Copyright 2013
    544 Pages
    by Routledge

    544 Pages
    by Routledge

    "Healing Images: The Role of Imagination in Health" details the function and capacity of imagination in health. This work consists of 22 chapters and discusses theory, research, and clinical applications. Presented is a brief history of the use of imagery for healing in both Eastern and Western traditions, a review of research that deals with the physiological consequences of imagery and related approaches, and an explanation of how images lead to such bodily changes. "Healing Images" covers the latest theory and research on the relationship between imagery, cerebral laterality, and healing. An attempt is also made to integrate modern systems theory with concepts of information and energy, which disclose the role of imagery and love in health. Imagery and music in health are also discussed.


     Chapter 1 Healing Images: Historical Perspective  Anees A. Sheikh, Robert G. Kunzendorf, and Katharina S. Sheikh

     Chapter 2 Physiological Consequences of Imagery and Related Approaches  Anees A. Sheikh, Robert G. Kunzendorf, Katharina S. Sheikh, and Sheila M. Baer

     Chapter 3 How Could Images Heal Anything?  Max Velmans

     Chapter 4 Imagery, Cerebral Laterality, and the Healing Process: A Cautionary Note  Sven van de Wetering, Daniel M. Bernstein, and Robert G. Ley

     Chapter 5 Imagery, Love, and Health: How Dynamical Energy Systems Theory Can Integrate Conventional and Complementary Medicine Gary E. Schwartz and Linda G. Russek

     Chapter 6 Music, Imagery, and Healing  Pat Moffitt Cook


     Chapter 7 Healing Images: Connecting with Inner Wisdom  Sheila M. Baer, Amy C. Hoffmann, and Anees A. Sheikh

     Chapter 8 Transforming the Pain Terrain: Theory and Practice in the Use of Mental Imagery for the Treatment of Pain David Pincus, Tonya Wachsmuth-Schlaefer, Anees A. Sheikh, and Shirin Ezaz-Nikpay

     Chapter 9 Imagery in Smoking Cessation and Weight Management  Colleen Heinkel, Michelle Rosenfeld, and Anees A. Sheikh

     Chapter 10 Mental Imagery in Sex Therapy  Tulsi B. Saral

     Chapter 11 A Guided-Imagery Treatment Approach for Eating Disorders  Mary Jane Esplen

     Chapter 12 Use of Imagery in the Treatment of Cardiovascular Disorders  Jeanne Achterberg, Barbara Dossey, Leslie Kolkmeier, and Anees A. Sheikh

     Chapter 13 Imagery and the Treatment of Phobic Disorders  Beverly H. Yahnke, Anees A. Sheikh, and Heidi T. Beckman

     Chapter 14 The Use of Imagery in Alleviating Depression  David Schultz

     Chapter 15 Imagery: Its History and Use in the Treatment of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder  Jo M. Weis, Mervin R. Smucker, and Jane G. Dresser

     Chapter 16 Imagery in the Treatment of Trauma  Jan Taal and John Krop

     Chapter 17 Imagery and Cancer  Howard Hall

     Chapter 18 How to Use Mental Imagery for Any Clinical Condition  Gerald Epstein

     Chapter 19 Guided Imagery and Intuition  Belleruth Naparstek

     Chapter 20 Transpersonal Images: Implications for Health  William Braud

     Chapter 21 Death Imagery: Confronting Death Brings Us to the Threshold of Life  Anees A. Sheikh and Katharina S. Sheikh

     Chapter 22 Imagery and Spiritual Development  Bonney Gulino Schaub and Richard Schaub





    Sheikh, Anees Ahmad