1st Edition

Healing the Male Psyche Therapy as Initiation

By John Rowan Copyright 1997

    John Rowan argues that if men are to escape from their old roles and the new pressures of social uncertainty they need to be initiated into a new kind of masculinity, but that this process must be personal to each man. He explores how therapy can help or hinder the process of transformation. Written for men who are looking for a new way of understanding their predicament as well as psychotherapists and counsellors working with men, Healing the Male Psyche is packed with useful information and exercises and supported by a wide range of references.

    Part I Materia Prima and Nigredo -- I INTRODUCTION -- 2 LIGHT FROM FEMINISM -- 3 A CASE STUDY THE MAN WHO HATED WOMEN -- Part II Fermentatio -- 4 DEVELOPMENTAL ISSUES -- Part III Separatio -- 5 WHAT IS IT WITH THERAPY? -- 6 THE PERSONAL/POLITICAL -- 7 WHAT IS THERAPY ABOUT? -- 8 WHAT HAPPENS IN THERAPY? -- Part IV CaIcinatio -- 9 INDIVIDUAL THERAPY WITH MEN -- Part V Albedo -- 10 SlEW AND WORK -- Pan VI Conjunctio -- 11 COUPLE RELATIONSHIPS -- Pan VII Mortificatio and second Nigredo -- 12 INTEGRATIVE GROUP WORK -- Part VIII Solutio and third Nigredo -- 13 THE SEXUAL POLITICS GROUP -- Part IX Coagulatio -- 14 TRAINING FOR MALE THERAPY -- Part X Sublimatio -- 15 THERAPIST CONSCIOUSNESS -- Part XI Rubedo -- 16 INTEGRATION AND ACTUALISATION -- Appendix Should I take on this client? -- Bibliography -- index.


    John Rowan,

    'Enthralling...this is a well researched and considered text, which should be read by all practitioners who have an interest in gender relations, sexual identity, and emotional and psychological health.' - Mental Health Care

    'I have read a lot of books about gender, therapy and society but nothing equal to the intellectual, imaginative and humane scope of Rowan's comprehensive work ... a superb resource for therapists.' - Andrew Samuels