1st Edition

Health Care Systems in Developing Countries in Asia

    230 Pages
    by Routledge

    230 Pages 14 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    For the last two decades, major Asian economies have successfully kept their economic growth momentum going. Now, as these economies are entering a new phase of economic growth, more attention is being paid to their respective states of social development, especially the provision and the expansion of social security and, in particular, health care. Academic study of the development of health care in developing countries has been for the most part neglected by the literature, and in-depth country case studies that are directly comparable on a one-to-one basis have not yet been conducted in a systematic manner. This book volume also proposes a new stance on health policy and the health care policy paradigm, one that focuses on "saving lives" from premature death, as well as illness, accidents, misery and poverty, based on the normative theory of developmental social policy (DSP).

    This groundbreaking book will therefore serve as a valuable reference volume for health policy, social policy and public policy experts, social development experts, health and development economists, health sociologists, social workers, government administrators as well as other medical and health professionals and academics.

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    List of contributors

    Part I – Introduction

    Chapter 1: Health Care Systems in Developing Countries in Asia: An Introduction (Robin Gauld and Kenny Teguh Pribadi)

    Part II – Theory

    Chapter 2: Saving Lives Through Health Care Policy: A Developmental Social Policy Perspective (Christian Aspalter)

    Part III – Country Case Studies

    Chapter 3: The Health Care System in China (Wang Xiaolin and Shang Xiaoyuan)

    Chapter 4: The Health Care System in Thailand (Siripen Supakankunti and Nopphol Witvorapong)

    Chapter 5: The Health Care System in Malaysia (Hematram Yadav)

    Chapter 6: The Health Care System in Indonesia (Kenny Teguh Pribadi)

    Chapter 7: The Health Care System in India (Shankar Das and Linda B. Cottler)

    Chapter 8: The Health Care System in Kazakhstan (Francis Amagoh)

    Part IV – Conclusion

    Chapter 9: Health Care Systems and Ideal-Typical Worlds of Welfare Capitalism: By Way of Conclusion (Christian Aspalter)




    Christian Aspalter, Beijing Normal University-Hong Kong Baptist University United International College, China.

    Kenny Teguh Pribadi, Catholic University of Soegijopranoto, Indonesia.

    Robin Gauld, Pro-Vice-Chancellor Commerce and Dean, Otago Business School, New Zealand.