1st Edition

Health, Civilization and the State A History of Public Health from Ancient to Modern Times

By Dorothy Porter Copyright 1999
    ISBN 9780415200363
    388 Pages
    Published January 6, 1999 by Routledge

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    ISBN 9780415122443
    388 Pages
    Published January 6, 1999 by Routledge

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    This book examines the social, economic and political issues of public health provision in historical perspective. It outlines the development of public health in Britain, Continental Europe and the United States from the ancient world through to the modern state. It includes discussion of:

    * pestilence, public order and morality in pre-modern times
    * the Enlightenment and its effects
    * centralization in Victorian Britain
    * localization of health care in the United States
    * population issues and family welfare
    * the rise of the classic welfare state
    * attitudes towards public health into the twenty-first century.

    Chapter 1 Introduction, Dorothy Porter; Part 1 Population, health and pre-modernstates, Dorothy Porter; Chapter 2 Health and morality inthe ancient world, Dorothy Porter; Chapter 3 Pestilence and publicorder in medieval Europe, Dorothy Porter; Chapter 4 Enlightenment discourseand health, Dorothy Porter; Part 2 The right to health and themodern state, Dorothy Porter; Chapter 5 Social science and thequantitative analysis of health, Dorothy Porter; Chapter 6 Epidemics and socialdislocation in the nineteenth century, Dorothy Porter; Chapter 7 Public health and themodern state: France, Sweden and Germany, Dorothy Porter; Chapter 8 Public health andcentralization: the Victorian British state, Dorothy Porter; Chapter 9 The enforcement ofhealth and resistance, Dorothy Porter; Chapter 10 Localization and healthsalvation in the United States, Dorothy Porter; Part 3 The obligations of health inthe twentieth century, Dorothy Porter; Chapter 11 The quality ofpopulation and family welfare: human reproduction, eugenics and socialpolicy, Dorothy Porter; Chapter 12 Health and the rise ofthe classic welfare state, Dorothy Porter; Chapter 13 Conditionalcitizenship: the new political economy of health, Dorothy Porter; Part 4 Preparing for the twenty.first century, Dorothy Porter; Chapter 14 Being fit to live inthe twenty-first century: healthy bodies and somatic maps, Dorothy Porter; Chapter 15 Epilogue, Dorothy Porter;


    Dorothy Porter

    'An absolutely fascinating book. The issues raised are timely and unsettling, largely unaddressed as they are by contemporary public health professionals.' - British Medical Journal

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