1st Edition

Health Promotion and Preventive Programs Models of Occupational Therapy Practice

By Evelyn Jaffe, Jerry A Johnson Copyright 1989

    For occupational therapists who want to incorporate health promotion or prevention into their practices, here is a thought-provoking new volume. Health Promotion and Preventive Programs highlights existing models of occupational therapy practice, targeting populations ranging from infants to the elderly, that incorporate principles of prevention and health promotion into traditional health care practice arenas.

    This important new book describes a variety of occupational therapy services, each of which uses principles of primary, secondary, or tertiary prevention principles, including a health education program for parents of well babies and toddlers, a community outreach program for preschool children who are at risk for emotional problems, a community support group formed by adults who have been hospitalized for psychiatric illnesses, a program designed to prevent industrial accidents through on-the-job training, and a home safety program for the elderly.

    The effective case study approach will allow occupational therapists to learn about and compare various models of practice, and includes elements necessary for development, organization, and design of health promotion and disease prevention programs. Together the chapters provide theoretical concepts of health promotion and injury prevention and offer a framework by which professionals can analyze material, determine whether or not programs can be appropriately replicated, or design new and original occupational therapy programs having a focus on health promotion and/or disease prevention.

    Contents Thoughts on Leadership: An Interview With Ruth Brunyate Wiemer and Wilma L. West
    • Health Promotion for Babies and Their Parents: Starting a Developmental Enrichment Clinic
    • Parent-Child Activity Group Treatment in Preventive Psychiatry
    • Occupational Therapists’ Involvement in Safe Transportation for the Handicapped
    • A Community Mental Health Group Designed by Clients
    • Cognition and Learning in Industrial Accident Injury Prevention: An Occupational Therapy Perspective
    • Health Promotion: A Marketing Tool for Industry
    • Education With Activity: A Health Promotion Program in a Nursing Home
    • Home Safety Program for Older Adults
    • Education for and Being Educated by the Well Elderly


    Jerry A. Johnson, Evelyn Jaffe