1st Edition

Health and Deprivation Inequality and the North

    When originally published in 1988, this book presented new evidence of inequalities in health found among communities in different areas of the North of England. It relates this evidence to long-term trends taking place in patterns of health in Britain as a whole and explores how far health inequalities can be explained by variations in material deprivation. The book provides a detailed examination of the correlation between health and wealth, or ill-health and deprivation in Britain in the 20th century but the book has an enduring relevance as the Covid Pandemic has once again shown that regional disparities in wealth have profound outcomes for health. The book is of significance for health professionals, social services and those planner and politicians concerned with levelling up.



    Peter Townsend was Professor of International Social Policy at the LSE and Emeritus Professor of Social Policy at the University of Bristol. Peter Phillimore is Professor of Social Anthropology, University of Newcastle. Alastair Beattie was Head of Information and Statistics for Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust.

    Review of the original edition of Health and Deprivation:

    ‘The study is carefully designed. Its raw data are reliable….the indices of social deprivation and health which are constructed from these data have both face and construct validity.’ D. Blane, British Journal of Sociology, Vol 40, No. 2