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Population and Strategies for National Sustainable Development

Population and Strategies for National Sustainable Development

1st Edition

By Gayl D Ness, Meghan V Golay
October 26, 2016

First Published in 2009. There are many critical questions in attempting to link population with strategies for sustainable development and this text aims to meet twelve key areas. This guide is concerned with making the linkages and building the bridges between population dynamics and attempts to ...

The Politics of Population Cairo 1994

The Politics of Population: Cairo 1994

1st Edition

By Stanley Johnson
November 27, 2013

The International Conference on Population and Development in Cairo in 1994 represented a remarkable watershed. Not only did it produce an unprecedented degree of agreement among the 179 countries and thousands of non-governmental organizations taking part, it also created a wide-ranging Programme ...

Birth Without Doctors Conversations with traditional midwives

Birth Without Doctors: Conversations with traditional midwives

1st Edition

By Jacqueline Vincent-Priya
February 13, 2013

Most women giving birth in rural communities throughout the Third World cannot enjoy the ''benefits'' of modern medical assistance. They are usually too expensive and too far away. This book is the result of journeys and conversations between the author, traditional midwives and mothers which took ...

The Future Population of the World What can we assume today

The Future Population of the World: What can we assume today

2nd Edition

Edited By Wolfgang Lutz
April 11, 2013

'An excellent basis for thinking about the future of the world's population. Every contributor to the population-environment debate needs to read the demographic sense the book contains and lecturers in population matters around the globe should recommend it to their students' Applied Geography '...

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