1st Edition

Health and Safety of Clinical NMR Examinations

By Bertil Persson, Freddy R. Stahlberg Copyright 1988

    Published in 1989: The short history of medical use of NMR is given. A brief introduction to the fundamental principles of NMR and the strategies of creating NMR image, as well as the exposure levels of various types of fields involved, are given.

    1. Introduction  2. Static Magnetic Fields "SMF"  3. Extremely Low Frequency  4. Radiofrequency Fields  5. Experience of NMR Exposure Conditions  6. Other Hazards in Clinical NMR-Examinations  7. Safety Limits for Clinical NMR Examinations  8. Safety Considerations on Siting and Shielding  9. Future Developments of NMR Imaging  10. Future Developments of Multinuclear NMR Spectroscopy in Clinical Examinations


    Bertil R. R. Persson, Ph.D., is administrative head of the Lund University Institute of Radiation Physics on the faculties of medicine and natural science.