1st Edition

Healthcare Digital Transformation How Consumerism, Technology and Pandemic are Accelerating the Future

By Edward W. Marx, Paddy Padmanabhan Copyright 2022
    270 Pages 10 B/W Illustrations
    by Productivity Press

    270 Pages 10 B/W Illustrations
    by Productivity Press

    This book is a reference guide for healthcare executives and technology providers involved in the ongoing digital transformation of the healthcare sector.

    The book focuses specifically on the challenges and opportunities for health systems in their journey toward a digital future. It draws from proprietary research and public information, along with interviews with over one hundred and fifty executives in leading health systems such as Cleveland Clinic, Partners, Mayo, Kaiser, and Intermountain as well as numerous technology and retail providers. The authors explore the important role of technology and that of EHR systems, digital health innovators, and big tech firms in the ongoing digital transformation of healthcare.


    Importantly, the book draws on the accelerated learnings of the healthcare sector during the COVID-19 pandemic in their digital transformation efforts to adopt telehealth and virtual care models.


    Features of this book:

    • Provides an understanding of the current state of digital transformation and the factors influencing the ongoing transformation of the healthcare sector.
    • Includes interviews with executives from leading health systems.
    • Describes the important role of emerging technologies; EHR systems, digital health innovators, and more.
    • Includes case studies from innovative health organizations.
    • Provides a set of templates and frameworks for developing and implementing a digital roadmap.

    Based on best practices from real-life examples, the book is a guidebook that provides a set of templates and frameworks for digital transformation practitioners in healthcare.

    1 How the Covid-19 Pandemic Reshaped

    Healthcare with Technology

    2 The Future of Digital Health

    3 Creating an Agile Digital Transformation


    4 Ensuring Strong Foundations

    5 Leveraging Maturing and Emerging


    6 Building Technology Partnerships for Success

    7 Getting Digital Transformation Right


    Edward Marx is husband to Simran and father of Brandon, Talitha, Nicholas, Austin & Shalani. He serves as the chief digital officer for TechMahindra / HCI Health & Life Sciences division. He has been blessed to serve as a CIO in many progressive organizations to include Cleveland Clinic, New York City Health & Hospitals, Texas Health Resources and University Hospitals of Cleveland. Simultaneously Edward began his distinguished military career starting as a combat medic and finishing as a combat engineer officer. Edward has written many books including the best selling Voices of Innovation (2019), Scenes from an Early Morning Run (2019), Extraordinary Tales of a Rather Ordinary Man (2015). He is set to release a book on sexuality in marriage co-written with Simran (2020). In his spare time Edward races for TeamUSA Duathlon and loves to hike and climb mountains with Simran. Edward received his bachelor's in psychology and master's in design, merchandising and consumer sciences, all from Colorado State University.    

    Paddy Padmanabhan is an award-winning business leader and trusted C-suite Advisor with a proven history of success in guiding key strategies across the healthcare and technology sectors. He is the CEO of Damo Consulting, a digital transformation and growth advisory firm focused on the healthcare sector. Both commercially astute and entrepreneurially adept, Paddy has garnered a reputation for driving growth and efficiencies in both large corporates and start-ups within the healthcare technology industry. A visionary leader and practitioner, he has worked at globally recognized firms such as Accenture, GE and Wipro where he built large global technology businesses and spearheaded strategic growth initiatives. He has also been in Silicon Valley start-ups that went through successful exits. A respected and credible voice in healthcare technology, Paddy is widely considered a thought leader and expert practitioner in digital transformation and growth strategy. He is the author of The Big Unlock – Harnessing Data and Growing Digital Health Businesses in a Value-Based Care Era, and hosts a widely acclaimed podcast featuring C-suite executives from healthcare and technology. He is widely published and quoted in industry publications and has a long-running by-lined column in CIO magazine on digital health technology trends. He lives in Chicago.

    "The pandemic has reiterated the significance of digitization in EVERYTHING we do, but more significantly in health care. It is indeed survival of the digital fittest. Ed and Paddy are expert practitioners in digital transformation who have synthesized several key trends and this book is a compelling narrative that defines the future of healthcare as we know it."

    CP Gurnani

    CEO, Tech Mahindra


    "The future of healthcare is now, as response to COVID-19 has shown us. Virtual, always available, and at home. Now it’s up to us to make a new normal of care delivery- liberating, highly efficient and effective. This book shows us a clear path forward in the midst of crisis."

    Ashish Atreja MD

    Chief Innovation Officer, Mount Sinai Medicine


    "I recognized Ed’s career potential when I hired him for his very first healthcare job - and Ed proved me right!"

    Mike Gogola

    President, Florida Guardian ad Litem Foundation

    Retired Global CIO


    "Many people talk about digital transformation, but few can actually make it a reality.  It takes vision, courage and expertise to change the course of an organization.  Ed and Paddy are practitioners of organizational digital transformation which gives them the refreshing perspective of veterans.  The stories in Healthcare Digital Transformation are steeped in wins, losses and long hours of work with dedicated professionals focused on making healthcare better.  This book is a roadmap for those who are ready to usher healthcare into the future."

    Bill Russell

    Managing Editor, This Week in Healthcare IT


    "Understanding digital is critical for any organization, especially as we move toward the post-pandemic era. This is a great roadmap for any Leader, regardless of industry. As an example, and what makes this book such a great tool/roadmap; is each chapter includes a high-level ‘consult’- practical ideas you can use to implement the concepts from the respective chapter."

    Tom Hulsey

    Author, The Winning Mindset that Saved my Life

    Board Member, Mary Crowley Cancer Research


    "Can you embrace, then transcend what's tragic to build new opportunities for yourself, families, and networks leveraging technical shifts. This is how healthcare can become more efficient, precise, and physically distant --safe for clinicians and patients. Ed and Paddy have the expertise, know-how, and networks; Let them help light your path."

    Sherrie Douville

    CEO, Medigram, Inc.


    "A must read for all interested in digitalization and the future of healthcare IT. Written by a nationally recognized leader with professional integrity."

    Arlene Anschel

    Consultant, Witt Kieffer

    "Timely and inspiring! Our new digital world will require leadership that is innovative, courageous, passionate and effective. Ed and Paddy provide a roadmap that healthcare leaders must embrace."

    Britt Berrett, PhD

    Past Executive Vice President, Texas Health Resources

    Professor, University Texas Dallas


    "With Ed and Paddy’s depth and breadth of experience in the realm of healthcare innovation, this book should be the de facto handbook for any organization or leader that is on their journey for healthcare digital transformation."

    Bradley Dick, Vice President, Ellkay


    "The ideas in this book were time tested, successful strategies that as the CEO of New York City Health & Hospitals and Ed, as chief digital officer, implemented during our process of digital transformation. The framework is foundational for success for any organization no matter where you are."

    Ram Raju MD

    Former CEO, New York City Health & Hospitals

    Senior Vice President, Northwell Health


    "The ability to combine experience and industry wisdom with a willingness to learn and change makes the difference between an organization that is on the leading edge and one that is not. Digital offers unique and valuable insights that will help technologists promote and support innovation and transform processes and cultures."

    Pamela Arora

    Children’s Health, Senior Vice President and CIO

    Board Member, HIMSS


    "This is a real-world practical playbook full of actionable insights around were we are now as an industry given the pandemic and what the next generation of Heath Care consumption and delivery will look like infused with digital technology and analytics. A must read for anyone that wants to lead transformation in the Healthcare industry."

    Daniel Garrett

    Retired PwC Partner

    Board Member, Multiple Companies


    "An important book, at an important time. Highly recommend for healthcare professionals and investors."

    Jared Sender

    Investment Banker


    "Digital medicine is now medicine.  Technology should increase the quality of the data available to physicians and enhance the consumer experience for patients.   Edward and Paddy identify why healthcare is at an inflection point and how a digital transformation benefits all.  This book outlines well why all providers should embrace the change and accelerate their digital transformation."

    Daniel Barchi

    Senior Vice President and CIO, New York Presbyterian


    "The pandemic has pushed the healthcare industry into the biggest disruption in decades forcing fundamental examination of how business and services are provided.  Healthcare Digital Transformation is a forward-looking blueprint to navigate and "create" the future state.  Ed Marx and Paddy Padmanabhan are uniquely positioned to write this timely and important book, as each have had extensive and varied experiences within large and complex healthcare organizations."

    Matthew Hamlin

    Vice President and General Manager, Quest Diagnostics


    A man of tremendous faith, Ed Marx is an industry giant in the field of innovative healthcare. His latest literary effort is sure to be an excellent roadmap for leaders in all walks of life.

    Thaddeus McCall

    Pastor, Greater Love Mission Church


    This is the timeliest book that not only provides the guidance to alter the slow spiral diminish of our industry, but rather prepares us with a roadmap and applies the intellectual capital to accelerate our transformation and embraces the digital world to exceed any other industry from the past.

    Craig D Richardville

    Senior Vice President and Chief Information and Digital Officer, SCL Health


    Once again, Ed paints a vision of what's possible coupled with a roadmap to guide the journey into the unknown and shifting sands of 'digital transformation' in healthcare. When we worked together in an evolving health care system, I found his ability to see into the future, and nudge those around him to step into his vision to be just what was needed to help us make tracks quickly. If you can't work directly with Ed, this is a close second best! Enjoy, Learn & Apply…and watch what happens…

    Cheryl Lynn Mobley

    President, reCalibrate LLC


    The authors of Voices of Innovation are not only well-known innovators within the health technology industry, but they also have hands on practical experience in delivering solutions to some of the most prestigious healthcare organizations in the world. Whether you are an IT professional or not, this book will provide you with great insights into the complex world of healthcare.

    Ivo Nelson

    Entrepreneur, Author, Consultant


    "Healthcare Digital Transformation" is a breath of fresh air for an industry that often keeps the windows closed. In their excellent book, Ed Marx and Paddy Padmanabhan make the case that for healthcare executives to grow, they must seek both knowledge and talent from outside the domain, looking to other industries for novel ways forward.

    Anthony Guerra

    Editor-in-Chief, HealthsystemCIO Media


    Transformations are never easy, digital or physical. Everyone knows that the Healthcare industry needs a massive revamp.  Ed Marx and Paddy Padmanabhan’s book is a refreshing look at how one engages in an enterprise transformation that is based on a three-legged framework that sits on vast domain experience, process/method rigor and new age digital technology. 

    Dilip Keshu

    CEO, BORN Group

    "The name Ed Marx is synonymous with healthcare information technology. Assembled through years of experience at some our nation’s most preeminent health systems, together with a passion for the betterment of health and leadership, Ed and Paddy take us on a journey of digital transformation. An essential handbook for those seeking a primer in digital health."

    Gene Mannheimer, Senior Research Analyst, Digital Health, Healthcare IT & Services at Colliers International

    "Moving beyond having a deployed EHR to extending it, along with related technologies, to communicate and interoperate with all extended care givers, to enable analytics and predictive medicine and to truly Transform both your practice and your patient’s lives is like moving from Ford’s Model A, and rutted dirt roads to modern integrated, reliable transportation. Use this book as your roadmap!"

    Peter S. Tippett, MD PhD, CEO careMESH 

    "Never has a focus on innovation, transformation, and disruption been more relevant for healthcare than today. In the Keanu Reeves sci-fi "The Day The Earth Stood Still", his alien character postulates that "humans don’t change until they are standing at the precipice". Right or wrong, Covid has brought us to that place, and has forced us to alter our course overnight, more than any pilot, experiment, or regulatory change has done in a decade or more. Leaders at CMS and insurance companies have rolled back archaic policies and rules that have stood in the way almost overnight, and I’ve heard from many physicians across the country that are realizing for the first time that quality care can be delivered digitally - in its variety of forms.

    This book is a wonderful resource. Ed and Paddy have created an excellent construct for organizing and prioritizing, organizational planning, and moving forward. Based on their own experiences, the viewpoints of highly respected peers, and additional research and observation, it covers everything from basic blocking and tackling to implementing for the new normal. You are sure to derive some new thinking as well as validate and benchmark your goals and progress as a result of it!"

    Shelli Williamson, Senior Advisor, Scottsdale Institute