1st Edition

Healthcare Insights The Voice of the Consumer, the Provider, and the Work Design Strategist

Edited By Sara Pazell, Jo Boylan Copyright 2024
    288 Pages 22 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    288 Pages 22 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Uniquely, this book gives consumers a voice and regales tales of their experiences. These stories are complemented by the tales told by healthcare practitioners about their real-world constraints and evolving insights that have shifted their work focus. In the third section, work design strategists help the reader reimagine a better way to design the delivery of healthcare services and environments using human factors approaches. This interesting title:

    • Covers real-world cases of people subject to an imperfect healthcare system
    • Helps people understand the practical challenges affecting healthcare service delivery
    • Champions new strategies to help people construct health, and to consider systems that will support these approaches
    • Represents a broad array of healthcare settings

    Healthcare Insights is well-suited to senior undergraduate, graduate students, practitioners, educators, and researchers in diverse fields, including healthcare administration and management, healthcare governance, human factors and ergonomics, service design, systems engineering, medicine, occupational health and return to work, allied health, work health and safety, workforce strategy, and architecture and design.

    Chapters 8 and 14 of this book are freely available as a downloadable Open Access PDF at http://www.crcpress.com under a Creative Commons [Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivatives (CC-BY-NC-ND)] 4.0 license.

    Section I. Consumer Stories.

    1.When alarms no longer cause alarm

    Jane and John Doe

    2.Patients should be seen, not heard: Patient-absent care after a cancer diagnosis in the hospital setting


    3.Reflections on ‘Patients should be seen and not heard…”.

    Sara Pazell

    4.A patient and family journey through systems of care.

    Carlo Caponecchia

    5.Constructing health by gut instinct: Back to basics.


    6.Reflections on 'Constructing health by gut instinct' by a work design strategist.

    Sara Pazell

    7.Letters of concern about elder care in a hospital environment.


    Section II. Practitioner Stories.

    8.A fifty-year journey to a concept of health.

    David Beaumont

    9.Building health resilience and capacity through functional medicine nutrition: My journey as a disenfranchised biomedical scientist.

    Shelly Cavezza

    10.From rehabilitation to prevention and work design: The journey of a health care practitioner.

    Bharati Jajoo

    11.Health & wellness for those 65 years and older.

    Tim Henwood

    12.Returning to work: The impact of health care on workers recovering from workplace injury.

    Nicholas Driver

    13.Biomechanics in healthcare design: Two personal journeys.

    Sahebeh Mirzaei Ezbarami and Mehrdad Hassani

    Section III. Work Designer Stories.

    14.Good health among healthcare workers is good for business: Championing work design in industry.

    Sara Pazell

    15.Sensational work: The importance of sensory-based design in healthcare service delivery.

    Sara Pazell, Pamela Meredith and Anita Hamilton

    16.Integrating human factors and ergonomics into the design of community diagnostic centres: A journey towards insight.

    Julie Combes and Mark Sujan

    17.Resolving complexity and rehumanising healthcare through design partnerships.

    Satyan Chari and Evonne Miller

    18.Good work in the emergency department: A journey through discovery, design, and realisation.

    Elizabeth Austin

    19.It happened on a Wednesday: A reflection on an emergency department admission.

    Sara Pazell

    20.Reflections on work design.

    Kym Bancroft

    21.The restorative potential of older Australians receiving aged care services: A matter of policy and practice.

    Josephine Boylan

    22.Architecture and salutogenesis.

    Jan A. Golembiewski and Narges Farahnak Majd

    23.Author reflections.

    Jan A. Golembiewski and Narges Farahnak Majd


    Sara Pazell is the principal work design strategist of a human factors consultancy practice. She is affiliated with five Australian universities for research and teaching in organisational strategy, work design, and occupational science.

    Jo Boylan is Chief Executive at Clayton Church Homes. For the last 25 years, she has practiced and led authentically from a healthy settings approach. The settings approach drives health promotion, and healthy ageing and involves maximizing early intervention and prevention to reduce risk.

    We live in an era of complex and disjointed healthcare systems. Through the lens of the consumer, the practitioner, and work design strategist, this book provides innovative answers to vexed questions from various perspectives. The narratives are compelling, engaging, and informative.

    Trajce Cvetkovski, Discipline Leader in Occupational Health Safety and Environmental Management, Australian Catholic University

    The authors of Healthcare Insights share their unique perspectives in pursuit of a future that offers a more effective and compassionate healthcare system. From heart-breaking horrors to heroic success stories, the realities of healthcare unfold. The authors lived experiences shed light on the system’s complexity, its competing agendas, and often misunderstood or overlooked constraints that shape healthcare. Through a work design strategist lens, the stories also offer hope and inspires healthful decision-making and improved care practice. This book is a must-read for anyone keen to influence healthcare and seeking simple techniques that have powerful impacts on health and wellbeing. Aside from interest amongst work design strategists, health practitioners, health consumers, researchers, educators, and students this book is essential for business and government decision makers.

    Dr Elise Crawford, Senior Lecturer in Occupational Health and Safety and OHS Placement Coordinator, CQUniversity

    The Healthcare Insights book offers a thought-provoking connection between personal clinical journeys and the human factors and ergonomic (HFE) models and tools available to better understand ‘work’ and to improve clinical and system outcomes in these complex technical environments.

    Sharon Todd, Certified Professional Ergonomist and President of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society of Australia