1st Edition

Hearing An Introduction & Practical Guide

Edited By James Tysome, Rahul Kanegaonkar Copyright 2016
    216 Pages 116 Color Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    216 Pages 116 Color Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Hearing is essential for normal communication. We are able to localise sound with surprising accuracy and can detect time differences as small as the time it takes for sound to pass from the mouth of one person to the ear of another. However, hearing loss is underdiagnosed, poorly understood and a common cause of social isolation. Hearing: An Introduction and Practical Guide provides a basic understanding of the science of hearing, the causes of hearing loss and how hearing loss can be clinically assessed and effectively treated.

    The book is divided into three sections, beginning with a review of the basic anatomy, physiology and principles of hearing. The second section addresses clinical and audiological assessment of hearing as well as imaging of the ear. The third section features an extensive series of chapters on focused topics covering the range of causes of hearing loss, their management and options for hearing rehabilitation.

    Clear, concise and comprehensive, Hearing: An Introduction and Practical Guide is an excellent source of information for ENT surgeons, general practitioners and trainees. It presents a quick reference and practical guide for assessing and managing patients with hearing loss.


    The Anatomy of Hearing
    Rahul G. Kanegaonkar

    Physiology of Hearing: Basic Principles of Audiology
    Ian M. Winter


    Clinical Assessment of Hearing
    Ruth V. Lloyd

    Audiological Assessment
    Richard Knight and Sarah Yorke-Smith

    Imaging of the Ear
    Steve Connor


    Genetics of Hearing Loss
    H.P.M. Kunst

    External Ear
    Nick Saunders

    Eustachian Tube Dysfunction
    Holger H. Sudhoff

    Acute Otitis Media and Otitis Media with Effusion
    Mahmood F. Bhutta

    Retraction Pockets and Perforations
    Peter Monksfield

    Tom Martin

    Jeremy Lavy

    Simon Lloyd

    Bone Anchored Hearing Aids
    Philip J. Clamp

    Middle Ear Implants
    Neil Donnelly

    Ruth V. Lloyd

    Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss
    William P.L. Hellier

    Noise Induced Hearing Loss
    Stephen Broomfield

    Autoimmune Inner Ear Hearing Loss
    Bruno Kenway and James R. Tysome

    Cochlear Implantation
    Maarten de Wolf and Richard Irving

    Tumours of the Cerebellopontine Angle
    Patrick Axon

    Aaron Trinidade and James R. Tysome

    Auditory Brainstem Implants
    Simon Freeman

    Hearing Aids
    Sarah Yorke-Smith and Elizabeth Hough

    Hearing Therapy
    Elizabeth Hough and Sarah Yorke-Smith

    Hearing Habilitation in Children
    Victoria Parfect and Sarah Yorke-Smith

    Hearing Rehabilitation in Adults
    Sarah Yorke-Smith and Elizabeth Hough

    Additional Support for Those with a Hearing Loss
    Elizabeth Hough and Sarah Yorke-Smith

    David M. Baguley

    Don McFerran

    Auditory Processing Disorder
    Nicholas A. Quinn and Richard K. Gurgel

    Future Therapies
    Mahmood F. Bhutta


    James Tysome is a consultant ENT surgeon at Cambridge University Hospitals specialising in otology, hearing implants and skull base surgery. He has an interest in postgraduate education and runs an active research programme investigating Eustachian tube dysfunction, hearing implants and novel treatments for skull base tumours.

    Rahul Kanegaonkar is a consultant ENT surgeon at Medway Maritime Hospital, Kent, UK. He specialises in otology and balance disorders.

    "This paperback is excellent value … this is an easily read text for the early years’ trainee and a good revision for the unfortunate facing the exit exam." —The Journal of Laryngology and Otology

    "Compact, and with a clear layout, at times it packs surprisingly focused and pertinent detail into brief discussions of vast topics. [...] It is certainly useful and informative, and could gain a wider audience amongst audiologists with a desire to better understand the medical/surgical work their tests underpin." — Matthew Hopley, Chief Audiologist, Lewisham and Greenwich NHS TrustUK, ENT & Audiology News.