Published in 1988: The enormous literature, scattered through journals devoted to physiology, biochemistry, pharmacology, ultrastructure, and clinical medicine, together with the laboratory observations of the authors, is reviewed and integrated in an effort to portray the origin, evolution, and consequences of heart dysfunction during diabetes.

      1. Clinical Problems Associated with Diabetes Mellitus  2. Research Models of Diabetes Mellitus  3. Dysfunction of the Cardiovascular System During Diabetes  4. Cardiac Performance During Diabetes  5. Atherosclerosis and Diabetes  6. Ultrastructural Abnormalities of the Heart During Diabetes  7. Cardiac Subcellular Function During Diabetes  8. Myocardia Metabolism During Diabetes Mellitus  9. Autonomic Neuropathy and the Heart in Diabetes  10. Diabetic Cardiomyopathy: Present Status and Future Directions


      Dr Grant N. Pierce is Assistant Professor in the Department of Physiology, Faculty of Medicine and Scientist in the St. Boniface General Hospital Research Centre.

      Dr Robert E. Beamish is Professor at Faculty of Medicine, University of Manitoba.

      Dr. Naranjan S. Dhalla is Professor in the Department of Physiology, University of Manitoba and Head of the Division of Cardiovascular Sciences at St. Boniface General Hospital Research Centre