1st Edition

Heart Valve Disease A Guide to Patient Management After Surgery

    212 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Following the recent publication of new guidelines by the European Society of Cardiology, this fully up-to-date work provides cardiologists and cardiac surgeons with the first comprehensive guide to post-operative management of patients who have undergone heart valve surgery. An international team of contributors, all recognized authorities in their field, and themselves contributors to the new guidelines, present evidence-based recommendations for managing a range of clinical problems in both adults and children, extending from immediate care in the hospital setting, through to long-term considerations for the primary care physician. Topics covered include:* rehabilitation * management of thrombosis* hemolysis* rheumatic fever* endocarditis* special considerations such as care of the patient undergoing non-cardiac surgery. Illustrated with numerous graphics, checklists and flow charts to enable readers to locate information rapidly and easily, Heart Valve Disease provides practical guidance on a range of common clinical scenarios, encompassing immediate post-operative care in the hospital as well as long-term management in the primary care settings.

    1. Rehabilitation after Heart Valve Surgery  2. Clinical Follow-Up and Common Problems  3. Echocardiographic Follow-Up  4. Tricuspid Valve Regurgitation during Follow-Up  5. Normal Echocardiographic Data of Prosthetic Valves  6. Tricuspid Valve Problems during Follow-Up  7. Problems Specific to Homografts and Autografts  8. Problems Specific to Valve Repair  9. Anti-Thrombotic Management  10. Investigation and Management of Recurrent Embolism  11. Management of Prosthetic Valve Thrombosis  12. Management of Prosthesis-Related Haemolysis  13. Endocarditis Prophylaxis  14. Management of Prosthetic Endocarditis  15. Management during Pregnancy  16. Management during Non-Cardiac Surgery  170 Prophylaxis against Rheumatic Fever  18. Follow-Up and Management in Children  19. Follow-Up and Management in Developing Countries  20. Prosthetic Valve Complications  21. Follow-Up in Primary Care


    Butchart, Eric G.; Gohllke-Barwolf, Christa; Antunes, Manuel; Hall, Roger J.C.