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    by CRC Press

    Heat Conduction, Fifth Edition, upholds its reputation as the leading text in the field for graduate students, and as a resource for practicing engineers. The text begins with fundamental concepts, introducing the governing equation of heat conduction, and progresses through solutions for one-dimensional conduction, orthogonal functions, Fourier series and transforms, and multi-dimensional problems. Integral equations, Laplace transforms, finite difference numerical methods, and variational formulations are then covered. A systematic derivation of the analytical solution of heat conduction problems in heterogeneous media, introducing a more general approach based on the integral transform method, has been added in this new edition, along with new and revised problems, and complete problem solutions for instructors.



    1. Foundations of Heat Transfer
    2. General Heat Conduction Equation.
    3. One-Dimensional Steady-State Heat Conduction.
    4. The Sturm-Liouville Theory and Fourier Expansions.
    5. Steady-State Two- and Three-Dimensional Heat Conduction: Solutions with Separation of Variables.
    6. Unsteady-State Heat Conduction: Solutions with Separation of Variables
    7. Solutions with Integral Transforms.
    8. Solutions with Laplace Transforms.
    9. Heat Conduction with Local Heat Sources.
    10. Further Analytical Methods of Solution.
    11. Heat Conduction Involving Phase Change.
    12. Numerical Solutions.
    13. Heat Conduction in Heterogeneous Media

    Appendix A - Thermophysical Properties.

    Appendix B Bessel Functions.

    Appendix C - Error Function.

    Appendix D - Laplace Transforms.

    Appendix E - Exponential Integral Functions.


    Sadik Kakaç has been known as one of the most recognized scientists in the field of heat transfer. He received his M.S. in Mechanical Engineering in 1959, and his M.S. in Nuclear Engineering in 1960, both from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and his Ph.D. from the Victoria University of Manchester, UK (1965). He has authored and co-authored over 200 scientific papers, as well as leading textbooks and reference works in convective heat transfer, conduction heat transfer, microscale and nanoscale heat transfer, heat exchangers, and heat pipes. He has served as a professor of engineering at the University of Miami (Florida), and the TOBB University of Economics and Engineering (Ankara, Turkey). Carolina P. Naveira-Cotta is a professor at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, specializing in heat transfer. Yaman Yener was a professor in the Mechanical Engineering department at Northeastern University, and a co-author of leading textbooks in convective and conductive heat transfer. Dr. Yener passed away in 2013.