1st Edition

Heavenly Hurts
Surviving AIDS-related Deaths and Losses

ISBN 9780415784801
Published August 14, 2018 by Routledge
164 Pages

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Book Description

"Heavenly Hurts Surviving AIDS-Related Deaths and Losses" imparts vital information for anyone touched by deaths and losses of HIV/AIDS. In the AIDS pandemic, efforts are focused on persons living with AIDS (PLWA). Neglected are professional and non-professional caregivers, families, and friends. They are surviving deaths of loved ones from AIDS-related illness, or are dealing with multiple losses of HIV/AIDS. "Heavenly Hurts" provides guidance, support and coping skills, along with discussions of death language; AIDS grief; death in the workplace; and cultural and spiritual issues around death.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1  Understanding HIV and AIDS
 People dealing with HIV/AIDS are helped by having a clear understanding of HIV/AIDS terminology, causes of HIV infection, and the disease's impact on survivors.

Chapter 2  Understanding Death, Loss and Feelings of Grief
 Death is frightening. Understanding and being aware of the process of grief, helps survivors learn to accept the feelings they are experiencing.

Chapter 3  AIDS Grief
 HIV/AIDS disproportionately affects disenfranchised populations. In such communities, the grief due to AIDS-related deaths and losses is unique and complicated.

Chapter 4  AIDS Grief Groups: What They Teach Us
 People surviving AIDS-related deaths/losses are often discriminated against and stigmatized. Groups dealing with the unique issues of these survivors offer comfort and support.

Chapter 5  Multiple Losses of AIDS: Not just deaths
 People dealing with the ever increasing deaths from AIDS-related illnesses are given a clear understanding of the characteristics of multiple loss and multiple losses.

Chapter 6  Problem Solving in the Gay Community
 Many gay men have died of AIDS-related illnesses. Survivors sharing the unique aspects of gay grief and unique tasks of mourning facilitate coping and problem-solving.

Chapter 7  Survivors: HIV Negative, HIV Positive and Status Unknown
 Grieving experiences of those dealing with death and losses related to HIV/AIDS are affected by a survivor's HIV status.

Chapter 8  Needs of the Caregivers
 Caregivers who provide patient care and support during the AIDS pandemic have issues, needs and concerns that are important to address and are often overlooked.

Chapter 9  Dealing with Death in the Workplace
 Creating an accepting, supportive environment in the workplace by increasing knowledge, sensitivity and understanding help the mourner and other employees adjust and maintain their productivity.

Chapter 10  Language of Death and Dying
 Words about death are powerful. Knowing what to say and how to say it enhances the support and comfort offered to a mourner.

Chapter 11  Cultural Dimensions of Grief
 Values placed on different cultural, ethnic, religious and spiritual beliefs and rituals affect our understanding of, and feelings about, grief, and death.

Chapter 12  For Mental Health Professionals
 Understanding mourning tasks, increasing knowledge about HIV/AIDS, and knowing themselves, are tasks necessary for mental health professionals offering grief counseling and /or grief therapy.

Chapter 13  What to Look for in a Clinician
 Specific guidelines are offered to help the mourner choose a compatible grief therapist.

Chapter 14  Coping and Survival Skills
 Healing ways and specific skills for coping with grief are offered, giving support and direction to mourners as they move through the process of grief. 


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Sandra Jacoby Klein is Professor of Pharmaceutical Technology at University of Greifswald.