1st Edition

Hegemony and Resistance Contesting Identities in South Africa

By Thiven Reddy Copyright 2000
    264 Pages
    by Routledge

    This title was first published in 2000:  An original explanation for the importance South Africans attachment to ethnic and racial group categories in everyday speech and practice. The answers emerge by presenting a history of dominant and resistance discourses as they relate to collective identity - a move which breaks with prevailing approaches to South African political history, problematises ethnic group categories and offers new ways of seeing old debates.

    Contents: Introduction; The construction of subaltern subjects in South Africa: 1652-1910; Inventing a tradition of otherness - the contribution of segregation discourse to the development of apartheid: 1910-1948; The subject has a material basis: apartheid and otherness; Counter-discourses to white hegemony in South Africa; Some concluding remarks on hegemony and resistance; Bibliography.


    Thiven Reddy

    ’...innovative and persuasive, a significant addition to our understanding of South African history, society and politics but equally an important contribution to the delineation of complex theoretical issues in political analysis...anyone interested in understanding the ideological and political mechanisms of domination and liberation in a complex society will do well to read this book.’ Professor Daniel S. Lev, University of Washington, USA '...a recommended read for South Africanists and for political scientists interested in how dominance and resistance to dominance works.' Journal of Modern African Studies ’...anyone looking for a fresh post-modernist interpretation of the power struggle in South Africa in terms of competing discourses of apartheid and liberation can do no better than read Reddy. This book is sure to find considerable resonance on South African and British campuses.’ Professor L. van den Berghe, University of Washington, USA ’...an interesting and valuable read...’ Labour, Capital and Society ’...renders an eloquent narrative of South African Political history...’ Millennium ’...informative, interesting to read and...will no doubt benefit those working with multidisciplinary data in discourse studies.’ Discourse and Society