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Heinz Kohut
The Chicago Institute Lectures

ISBN 9781138872332
Published June 23, 2015 by Routledge
430 Pages

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Book Description

Delivered to advanced candidates at The Chicago Institute for Psychoanalysis in 1974-75, The Chicago Institute Lectures reveal a Kohut in transition, a Kohut wrestling with the creative tension in psychoanalysis between tradition and innovation, between continuity and change, even as he worked toward the psychology of the self "in the broad sense" that marked his decisive break from traditional psychoanalytic thought. Lightly edited by the Tolpins to preserve their authenticy, these lectures preserve the voice, the intellectual style, and the pedagogical bearing of a gifted creator in the very midst of creation.

We find here a casual Kohut, thinking through in a relaxed and conversational way the assumptions that would become foundational to mature self psychology. The developmental trajectory of self-selfobject relationships, the role of selfobject failures in different types of psychopathology, the complex relationship between givens and the psychological environment in pathogenesis, the role of conflict in normal development and in psychopathology--these are among the recurrent themes taken up in these lectures. And there are, as well, Kohut's provocative asides on the child-rearing practices of his day, including the contrast between over- and understimulation, the impact of healthy parental sexuality on child development, and the difference between the normal oedipal phase of the self and the Oedipus complex. The clinical viewpoint of mature self psychology is anticipated in many ways, perhaps no more clearly than in Kohut's powerful reassessment of the perversions.

The Chicago Institute Lectures are more than a key historical document in the evolution of psychoanalytic self psychology; they preserve the voice, the intellectual style, and the pedagogical bearing of a gifted creator in the very midst of creation.

Table of Contents

Perversions (January 7, 1972). What Are Patients Angry About? (April 14, 1972). Thoughts about Narcissism and Homosexuality (November 24, 1972). On the Vertical Split (March 2, 1973). Varieties of Aggression, Possibilities of Self (June 8, 1973). The Mature Transformations of Narcissism (February 15, 1974). On the Therapeutic Alliance (March 29, 1974). Narcissistic Disorders, Oedipal Disorders (June 7, 1974). The Point of View of Self Psychology (October 11, 1974). Paranoia and Self Psychology (October 25, 1974). Phobias, Obsessions, and Self Psychology (November 8, 1974). Libido Theory and the Psychology of the Self (November 22, 1974). Varieties of Aggression (January 3, 1975). The Question of Drive Psychology and Some Thoughts on Technique (January 17, 1975). Consciousness, Unconsciousness, and the Self (January 31, 1975). Pride, Shame, and Self-Regulation (February 14, 1975). The Self and the Oedipus Complex (February 28, 1975). A New Mode of Thinking: Narcissism and the Psychology of Psychosis (March 14, 1975). The Nuclear Self and the Question of Health (March 28, 1975). The Bipolarity of the Self (April 11, 1975). Varieties of Narcissism (April 25, 1975). Structural Psychology, Self Psychology: The Self-Object Milieu of Early Life (May 9, 1975). The Subtlety of Self-Object Interactions (May 23, 1975). Technique, Termination, Trial Internalizations (June 6, 1975). Thoughts on the Self and Its Restoration (June 11, 1976).

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Paul Tolpin, M.D., and Marian Tolpin, M.D., are Training and Supervising Analysts at the Institute for Psychoanalysis, Chicago.  Dr. Marian Tolpin is also Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, University of Chicago Medical School.


"Kohut at his best! Kohut was particularly lively and clear when challenged by questions and when lecturing. The Tolpins have done us a great service in bringing together Kohut's thinking at a time when he was in the midst of some of his most important work. The Chicago Institute Lectures clarify important aspects of Kohut's thinking and allow the reader important new understandings regarding both development of the self and techniques for working with disorders of the self. This is a critical volume in the study of clinical and theoretical aspects of psychoanalysis."

- Bertram J. Cohler, Ph.D., University of Chicago

"Distinguished analysts in their own right, Marian and Paul Tolpin have brought together a series of lectures by Heinz Kohut given to analytic candidates in their last years of formal training.  Superbly edited, these lectures provide the reader with a sense of intimate participation in the evolution and development of Kohut's theory, including detailed examples of typical cases and dilemmas in the treatment process.  Not for analysts alone but for a wide audience of mental health professionals, Kohut's Chicago Institute Lectures is an invaluable text."

- Miriam Elson, A.M., Emeritus Lecturer, University of Chicago